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Doodle of the day: what do you see? The front of an Aston Martin. Even non car loving people know an Aston. The identity is clear - the lamps, the grill shape, the muscular shape, elegance, iron fist in a velvet glove. The identity is clear. Ok - so what’s your identity? We spend so much time trying to find our place in this world, where we fit, what we identify with. It seems that some of our disagreements at the moment have a root in our identity. Are we Remain or Leave, are we Tory or Labour, Pro life, Pro choice, are we Gay, Bi,Trans, or Straight? Are we Religious or Atheist, Evangelical or Liberal, are we Vegan or Meat eater, Environmentalist, a Fracker. Well I want to say that I believe our identity is not bound up in only these things - I believe that our identity has something to pull us closer together not further apart. I believe that when all the shouting, chanting, protesting and arguing ceases - there is something in our inherent identity that unites. I believe that each and every one of us is deeply, fully, perfectly, divinely loved. PLEASE HEAR THIS - that whoever you are, wherever you are, wherever and whatever you have been, you are loved RIGHT NOW. Gay or straight or not sure? You are loved. Leave or remain? You are loved. Ignored or lonely? You are loved. Misunderstood or scapegoated? You are loved. Employed or redundant? You are loved. Forgotten, ignored, successful, or an influencer? You are loved. Old, young, male or female, trans or neither? You are loved. Environmentalist, cynic, confused? You are loved. Hurt, addicted, struggling, single, searching? You are loved. Religious, atheist, agnostic, dipping in and out? You are loved. Washed up, fed up, loved up, fucked up? You are loved. Homeless? You are loved. CEO or cleaner? You are loved. Grieving, lost, broken, got it all together? You are loved. This is not a love that denies the pain in this world- but takes us as we are and calls us then to live in the light of knowing we are deeply, perfectly, fully, divinely loved, - that the love we are given is to be shared. When all else is done- love remains. You are loved #blessings #scribblingvicar

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