Doris the morris minor (a conversation with jack)

    Jordan: "why is your morris minor so special to you mate?"

    3y ago


    image by Jordan Foster

    image by Jordan Foster

    Founder, Jack: "Doris is a labour of love, after being bought for me on my 18th birthday and although roadworthy needing a lot of work, being young and naive at the time I didn't realise quite how much "a lot" of work was."


    Jacks phone: The engine bay.

    "After four years now she doesn't look much different on the surface but with the mindset of working from the ground up every suspension and braking component along with rolling the car on its side, stripping of the underneath, welding, painting and under sealing was undergone, now after a bay tidy/paint and full engine rebuild right down to a crank grind. Doris is nearly ready for another 50years of work. "


    Jacks Phone: Midnight repairs.

    "To me this car is my daily and my workhorse, and when I consider the long journeys she has to undergo I remind myself that this is how people did it back in the day, why have it any different now, she's simple to work on, enough room to swing a cat in the bay and easy to maintain. And as an added bonus she's classy as balls, what more can you ask for"

    image by Jordan Foster

    image by Jordan Foster

    Jack: "Too much?.."

    Jordan: "Nah thats just what I needed mate."

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