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DOTS. Sad news, my favorite shop is going to close. The son of the man who started it in 1969 is retiring and selling the building as well. He is trading work on the 308 for a new electric mountain bike from the bike shop next door. We are right at the bottom of Mt. Tam where mountain biking was invented, some very expensive hybrid bikes in there. I had them recharge my AC in the W123. But I suppose it was better I go there and find out rather than see it closed one day, the 8th of next month...

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  • It's sad to see it go. We need good indie shops like that. There's an utterly fantastic Volvo indie in Marietta, Ga that has served us very well.

    BTW that Corona is soooooooo uncool that I love it. What kind of person keeps one in good shape? It's so amazingly 70s!

      1 month ago
    • I know another shop but it's over the hill in another town. This was literally across the street from where I keep some of my cars so it was great if I needed something. The other shop is pretty busy too, they are good and family owned, but harder...

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        1 month ago
    • Maybe period correct Toyota OEM wheels. A roof rack would also look great on it. I find it interesting that it's street parked but in such good condition.

        1 month ago
  • Aww...that's a shame. 😦

      1 month ago