Down On The Street: A Suspect Skyline and Suspicious Silvia

    These illegal imports fly in the face of the law

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    These spots were first documented on the now deceased Kinja Oppositelock on 7/31/2020 and 5/13/2020. You can view an archived version of the more detailed original posts here and here.

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    Twice just since the lockdown I've been driving along and immediately pulled over to rush over to document a car that is illegal to own in the US. If you don't know, in the United States it is illegal to import and register a vehicle that is less than 25 years old.

    But this being a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, there's an alarming number of people with more money than sense who can't fathom the risk of getting their expensive modified car crushed by the Feds.

    Suspicious Silvia

    The first time it happened, I pulled up to the local Japanese tuner shop which does a lot of importation to gawk at an S15 Nissan Silvia that very much should not have been left outside.

    This car debuted only 21 years ago so there was no way that fresh Georgia license plate was acquired without trickery. And they're a UGA fan too, ugh.

    If you're going to illegally import a car as legendary as an S15 Silvia, why would you wrap it high visibility pearlescent purple though? That's just asking for unwanted attention. I blurred the plate as a courtesy but you know this thing is all over Instagram. All the busybody Karens would probably just assume it is an Accord coupe or something if it were a boring grayscale color.

    I have to say though, this is a seriously handsome car. I love the crisp lines on it and the body kit isn't crazy overdone. Maybe a little too low for my liking but it's a good build.

    I especially love this shot of it in front of the old Confederate Cemetery. It's quite the contrast.

    Suspect Skyline

    And now for something even crazier, an authentic R34 Nissan Skyline GTR spotted at a local food hall.

    Sure, I was on a delivery at the time, but the customer could wait. It's not every day you see a truly iconic car that shouldn't legally be allowed in the country. I'm fairly certain this is not one of the famed Motorex loophole cars.

    Look at that iconic stance! This one had a subtle lower and what I think is an aftermarket front bumper, but it's not trying to grab attention at all, good for going under the radar.

    Well, okay, that license plate is not subtle. The Montana plate and R34xxxx plate is a bit much for my taste. Also interesting is fog light on one side and reverse light on the other. I never noticed that before now.

    I love the embossed 'S K Y L I N E' script on the rear. It's hard to get across just how beautiful these things are in person. The proportions are to die for and the details are all perfect.

    I love the GTR logo too. It's very simple but really makes the car look special. And this was no fake GTR from what I could tell. It seemed the real deal.

    I came back later after my delivery and it was still there, but the owner didn't come out even after waiting 15 minutes or so. Perhaps it is for the better. I love the car but I'm not convinced I'd like the owner. Too many cars are let down by the personality of the demographic that tends to drive them.

    So, which would you take? Have you ever spotted an illegal import? Let me know.


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    Comments (11)

    • So, if I read you right, you are "skeptical of the Skyline" and "suspecting sinister Silvia syndromes"?

        3 days ago
      • Sinister Silvia syndromes are suspected and the Skyline may have succeeded in sabotaging the stylish secret Silvia with a singular smattering of sensational society and shutterbugs.

          3 days ago
    • I love the purple

        2 days ago
    • That reminds me, I saw a R34 on a tow truck in metro Seattle a few weeks ago. Either a show car or registered in a sketchy place like FL or something.

        3 days ago
      • I'm guessing if it was just a regular R34 and not a GTR it was most definitely here illegally.

          2 days ago
      • Once I saw r33 on tow truck on highway in Poland. It was my first and the only time seeing a skyline. It was heavily modified track car.

          2 days ago


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