Down On The Streets, Eugene Edition: 1979 Dodge D-50

Hard-working, rebadged Mitsubishi Forte under the first year of Dodge branding.

By the 1970s, the Mitsubishi Forte half-ton mini pickup (let's not call it what it is, and that's a "Toyota Hilux clone") was already a well known, proven truck in Asian countries and in Latin America. But due to Mitsubishi's bad rap in the US over Pearl Harbor, they were still selling their cars as Dodges and Plymouths here by this time, so after considerable success with marketing the Forte as the Plymouth Arrow Pickup in 1977-78, Dodge got a version in 1979 that they dubbed the D-50 (later changed to "Ram 50" in the early 80s)

Here is some typically gaudy/kitschy period advertising for the D-50:

And some more.

This truck is still an honest, hard working survivor, owned by a hippie type in the colorful, rather eclectic Whiteaker neighborhood, and seems to be less rusty than similar age Toyota, Nissan/Datsun, Mazda/Courier, or Isuzu/LUV trucks I see around these days.

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Comments (2)

  • Excellent article. These were nice trucks. I used to know someone that had one in the early 80s.

      2 months ago
  • Down in the streets? Do you listen to Bachelorette?

      2 months ago