Download these free instructions and start building your Lego Lotus 72D!

The legendary black & gold Lotus 72D is now ready to sit on your desk, in Lego form! #Lego #Formula1 #F1 #classic-cars #classics #artanddesign

3y ago

The Lotus 72D might be one of F1's most famous car ever, but it's also beautiful! And now you can build it out of Lego!

I uploaded, as usual, both the .io file that you can upload to Bricklink to buy the parts and an instructions PDF to start building it right away! You'll also find there these files for all the cars in this series so far.

A quick word of warning: I've had to update the design a little bit to accomodate for the rarity of some parts, most noticeably the wheels that are now black. Bricklink also doesn't seem to like the tubes I used for the exhausts, so if you want to get the bricks and there's any problem, just write me a comment below and I'll try to find a solution.

And finally, remember that you can vote for next week's model:

It's absolutely neck and neck between the Brabham and the Leyton House, so if you favor any of these, make your vote count!

On a sidenote, friend of Square Cars Jennifer Weir of Drawn2Drive will host a live car painting tutorial today at 7pm BST in the #artanddesign chat. Make sure to check it out, it'll be great fun! I'll be there as well.

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