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I take a look at the growing class and give my thoughts on how 2020 will look like



I was reading up on some news on Racer and Sportscar365 and came across two interesting tid bits surrounding the Daytona Prototype International (DPi) Class in IMSA. One was that 3 more manufacturers are looking to get into the class, and the other was the cost to run DPi vs LMP2 in IMSA. This got me thinking about the state of the class and looking ahead a few years.

With how the class has grown over the last couple years and potentially doubling the number of DPi manufacturers, I also look at the history behind the class and look to where I think the class will look like past 2020 with new manufacturers and speculate how the build rules will be when the current package expires.

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So the news that caught my inspiration to write this post, was speculation that up to 3 manufacturers will join the DPi ranks for the 2020 season. Ford has been looking at running in the class when the GTLM / GTE Pro program ends at the conclusion of this year. I imagine they would likely run with the Multimatic/Riley underpinnings (same as the Mazda DPi) given how deep their relationship with Multimatic is. They’d probably run the same engine as the current GTLM car as well.

It recently has been revealed that Hyundai has been evaluating a program for 2020. I think this is would be amazing if that was confirmed. Whatever chassis they end up with is kinda in the air, but I’d bet that it wouldn’t be MM/R, assuming Ford uses the MM/R chassis, it might be too much for MM/R to take on another program. Dallara might also be quite strapped due to the shear amount of Cadillac DPi’s right now, which would leave only Oreca and Ligier. As far as engines, it would probably be some derivation of their V6TT Lamda II from the Stinger GT, given that 2 of the 4 current DPi engines are V6TT’s (Acura and Nissan). Now, they don’t really have a race version of that engine, but that could be a neat little project for the N division over there at Hyundai.

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What do you guys think of the potential new teams coming to DPi in 2020? What do you think the DPi class will look like at Daytona in 2022? Let me know below in the comments!

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