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I was patrolling store and recognised a thief that had stolen 2 times before, on the 7th of November and the 31st October, as I had the recordings on cctv, I have a long list of past thief’s and waiting for them to come back in so I can ban them, I'm always looking through the pics stored in the vault so I can recognise them when they may come back in, anyway I saw him come in the entrance and he made his usual path to the fragrance the long way around on the ground floor, going up and down the fragrance isles crouching down checking where the ladies are on tills, he then goes to the last but one end isle with the makeup which has fragrance gift box sets which is the hot spot for stealing in store at the present time, he is crouched right down peering round the corner in and out to see where the ladies are waiting for a move to bag the gift sets in his big bag, as he has already committed to known crimes to myself in store I did not wait for a third to be committed as I wanted to contain a possible situation occurring as in him running in store and myself in pursuit with customers being in direct line, so I contained the situation by going up to him and asking him to accompany me to the holding room as I have evidence of you stealing in past incidents and police will be called, he refused and said fuck off or I'll stab you so I restrained him and started taking him from the isle towards the stairs as to take him to the holding room which is located half way up the stairs which is not a good place to have it when you have restrained somebody that is refusing to go up there, he was trying to break free as I was heading towards the stairs to take him up out of harms way from customers and staff, again being very aggressive and threatening to stab me and was reaching for something on the left side so to protect myself and others I ground him to the floor with a flick of his left foot and brought him safely to the floor without harm, a lady was watching asked me if I would like her to ring the police for me as I has both hands restraining the thief with his arms behind his back so I said yes please, thankyou, she then told me she was a nurse from the local hospital was trained in restraint and proceeded in helping me restrain on of the guys arms on the right as he was trying to break free, he then said to us that I have broke his leg, he heard it snap and its bandaged at the moment and he’s going to sue me, and then I was talking to him about past incidents in store, which he admitted to me and the nurse and said he makes a better living out of stealing than my job, and he even went on to correct me when I said was it 5 gift sets that you stole last time you was in? He corrected me buy saying no it was actually 6 mate! The manager turned up and says have you phoned the police I said this lady has already and the manager just walked off and left me and the lady nurse, what the manager should have done is Corden off the area and supervise as we were near a lift and a lady with a push chair that had come down in it had no where to go, so I asked a man to help her lift the buggy over him as obviously we couldn’t drag him out of the way as that could have hurt him, the police arrived and took over and I asked the nurse to give her details to them. I then stated to the police I had evidence of him stealing on earlier dates in store and had recognised him and subsequently wanted to take him to the holding room to issue him with a banning letter, the police asked for evidence from previous incidents so I went to the cctv office to try and burn them off, but couldn’t do so as I haven’t been shown the system, I have had to work it out from day one as I went along as the area supervisor said he didn’t know how to use it and he said he will try and get the user manual for it, learn it then show me how to use it but that never happened so as I say I learnt it myself through trial and error, the only thing I was unsure of was the burning off images etc. anyway I tried to get the police some evidence but could not get it burned for them, so I come back down and told them that I haven’t been trained on how to do it, so they asked me to make myself scarce whilst they spoke to the thief, the police minutes later then came up to me and said the thief has told us that you have abused him and because of his allegation we will have to arrest you, so they read me my rights, they then asked me if I would like to voluntarily go to a police station in 10 days to make a statement, I then said no comment, the policeman said then, I'll say again would you like to voluntarily make a statement in 10 days at the police station, I said suppose I’ll have to then or you will probably make me, he nodded! and told me not to leave the area... Then I was told by the police that my manager is coming up to renew the cctv footage etc and told me to stay close by which I did, I carried on with my duties patrolling store. The policeman told me a while later that my manager in cctv room is now ready to see me and the police man walked off, he didn’t even de-arrest me so technically am I still under arrest??? (when the police searched the thief they found 2 needles up his sleeve!) So why am I removed from store for self defence, protecting the store, the staff and customers from a potential lefal incident from a known homeless thief? Darren asked me to grab my stuff from cctv room and I left the building with him at 18:29, he told me outside on the high street that he looked at the footage and said he has done thousands of arrests many like the one I just had to do and never had a problem so for the thief to have filed a complaint against me is just unbelievable, and said It’s just a case of waiting for the investigation by my company, we said bye and parted company. (The prime witness which is the nurse from start to finish together with cctv evidence concludes I did everything by the book.) Guess what they sacked me as apparently man handling was too aggressive!!! No it was not, i used minimal force!!! What's the point of having security then? They would rather me stand back and let him and his cronies rob the place blind for health and safety bollocks! What is this country coming too? You get stabbed in the back for protecting yourself, the the staff, the customers and the stock, they just wanted me to stand there like a cardboard cut out and say hello, goodbye! #Wankers!!!

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  • Now they have F@cked me up with my last wage today, £520ish short, so Christmas is cancelled! Merry f@cking Christmas!!! More food bank and church visits...

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