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DRAG RACE: RaceChip 570S vs McLaren 675LT vs 570S

What happens when you tune the 570S with RaceChip?

4y ago

It might not be the result you're expecting! We join RaceChip for a challenge to put their chip-tuned 676PS McLaren 570S up against my stock McLaren 675LT and a stock McLaren 570S from Misha at Apex. With a clear runway ahead of us and runs from both a standing start and rolling, will the LT's downforce hold it back? Will 676PS create traction issues? Have McLaren made the 570S so good to start?! Find out now!

All three cars ran with equivalently full fuel tanks, one person in the vehicle, and using the same settings. Both stock cars are on Pirelli Trofeo R tyres where the RaceChip 570S is running Michelin Sport Cup 2s.

RaceChip have kindly created a discount code for Shmee150 viewers to receive 10% discount when spending over 300 £/$/€, which you can activate using RCShmee2017 on www.racechip.com/

Dirk also showed us the latest product, GTS Black, that is now available for cars over 200PS and capable of increasing power and torque by 30% in some engines.

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Thanks also to Misha from Apex for bringing the stock 570S to race:




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