Drag racing father-son duo crash their Corvettes in Lincoln tunnel

This was only ever going to finish one way

1y ago

Films like Need for Speed and the Fast and Furious franchise have portrayed street racing as a glamorous world full of adrenaline, money and fast cars. What these films fail to mention is the danger involved in flying past innocent bystanders at speeds of three figures.

When travelling at such excessive speeds, the slightest movement in the steering wheel can make a huge difference in the car’s stability, potentially sending the car off the road. When that speed is being achieved in a busy tunnel under water, the only place the car is going when an incident happens is the scrapheap, and drivers are probably looking at a large hospital bill. With that in mind, surely, we can all agree that drag racing in the Lincoln tunnel in New York is a terrible idea.

Unfortunately, some of us didn’t quite get that important memo. Somehow, father and son duo, Fred and Chadwick Ordine were each behind the wheel of a Corvette in the Lincoln tunnel that connects Manhattan and New Jersey and decided to let it rip. See the video here:

As expected, the tunnel soon becomes quite congested, and to avoid hitting a family MPV, the yellow car is forced to swerve into the blue car’s lane. This puts the blue car into a spin and it subsequently side-swipes another SUV.

To continue the lack of respect for others the pair show in the video, they both run away from the scene of the crash and, since the 7th of February they must have thought they’d escaped. However, the stupidity exhibited by the two doesn’t end there. Police recently found dashcam footage of the crash that Chadwick – the son – had posted to his Instagram page.

The two idiots were later charged with reckless endangerment, illegal speed contest and reckless driving.

Not only are the two absolutely idiotic for deciding to race in a tight tunnel. They are also proving the worth of SUVs to parents that are scared of their children being hurt in accidents. In fact, the car that got a significant whack to the side didn’t seem to be too severely damaged in the video.

For those children that want to have motoring based fun with their dads, there are plenty of cool alternatives to street racing. For example, with Christmas coming up, perhaps creating a beautiful LEGO Corvette model with your old man is a better idea than endangering others with a real Corvette...

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Comments (24)

  • See I like driving fast but as uncle Ben says ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, when you live by that you find your opportunity to ‘safely’ (reducing the risk to acceptable levels) speed is very few and far between. 3 figure speeds are exclusively for big wide roads with limited road side objects and nearly no one about, not small tight tunnels full of traffic. I hate people like this because they ruin the fun for people like me.

      1 year ago
    • My children all know dad likes to go fast. They also understand and have seen exercised the “time and a place rule” a tunnel is always the wrong place.

        1 year ago
  • Absolute morons. I'm sure they will get what is coming to them. Luckily no one was killed.

    Cars are not children's toys. They are potentially very dangerous, deadly machines and that fact must be remembered at all times.


    AutoMatters & More tribe

      1 year ago
  • I don’t want to see this... but I’m going to watch any way.

      1 year ago
  • Also, how is there enough space to go that fast in that tunnel? I've been through it many times and not once have I been able to go over 30 mph.

      1 year ago
  • What morons. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Hope everyone is ok.

      1 year ago