Drag Racing On 26" Wheels...Why Not?

This Impala is way faster than I would have imagined

3y ago

Normally when I see a car that's cruising around on 26" wheels, it's because I'm back in my old town of Antioch and it's the sort of place where people put stuff like giant wheels onto a Camry or something. Typically, these cars are slow as hell and I would never assume one could pass for a performance car of any sort.

If you had told me that I would ever expect to see one of those cars at the drag strip, I would have laughed in your face, but as it happens, we have an example of just such a thing. Meet Alan Robinson and his Chevy Impala Wagon.

Alan's Impala Wagon normally rolls around town with 26" rims all around, but since they weigh 98 lbs each, he swapped the rear wheels out for drag radials. It's a good thing he took some weight saving measures because the whole thing, with all the wheels and stereo system, weighs in at a hefty 4720 lbs.

Even more impressive was that this beast managed to pull in times in the 11 second range! Not bad at all, Mr. Robinson. Now pop those original 98 lbs tires back onto the rear and take another run, because I would really like to see what this car can do with its full weight.


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  • Actually, he swapped the tires because he was running Hot Rod Drag Week and you are required to run a drag radial at minimum on the drive wheels. It was interesting to watch. 😝

      3 years ago