Drake bought himself a new Rolls-Royce and it's subtle

No, sorry, I don't mean subtle, do I?

Canadian rapper Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, has enjoyed an extremely successful music career, selling over 150 million records, and he's done it by diversifying his music. He's done rap, trap, gangsta rap, r&b, pop-rap, reggaeton and he's even tried singing in Spanish (Mia, with Puerto Rican Latin trap artist Bad Bunny). He's been topping sales and streaming charts consistently for years and that made him very wealthy. Which is probably the reason why he's recently bought a conspicuous Mansory Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. Now Drake being a successful rapper, he obviously decided to pimp it.

His Rolls-Royce started out in life as a "standard", which is actually not standard at all to begin with, Mansory Bushukan with two-tone black and pale yellow paint and massive 24-inch black wheels but Drake also added a solid gold owl with encrusted diamonds on the hood. The stylized owl, which kinda reminds me of the owl portrayed on the Greek €1 coin, is also the logo of his Toronto-based (also his hometown) record label OVO Sound. He's even got it tattooed across his chest and had a $50,000 diamond and platinum owl pendant specially made for him.

Anyway, back to the car. The Bushukan Phantom is powered by a biturbo V12 making 610 hp and 950 Nm of torque. The Phantom is a very expensive car, and the Mansory Phantom is even more expensive so you can imagine what this might have cost him. The car was customized for him by Tony Bet for Driving Emotions Motorcar, a Toronto-based tuning company.

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Comments (32)

  • If the eyes on the owl don’t light up, take it back

      1 year ago
  • I don’t know who Drake is, but that’s one ugly ass bimmer.

      1 year ago
  • Replacement owl for his new car

      1 year ago
  • With all the money in the world you still CAN NOT BUY TASTE. Thank you, that's all. Where can I go and vomit repulsively?

      1 year ago
  • Considering it's bought by a rapper AND made by Mansory - it's actually very subtle.

      1 year ago