Dream Car for the Budget Racer

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4y ago

If you’re visiting this website and reading this article, you’re probably a car nut like me. You read about cars, watch videos and TV shows about cars, and stare at them incessantly when you’re out and about, making your significant other jealous. I’m particularly guilty of the last one. But how often do you make time to actually enjoy cars yourself, instead of just watching and reading about other people enjoying them? How often do you push a car (legally) to its limit with white knuckles and get out with your hands still shaking? If you answered never, why aren’t you autocrossing? We’ve given you some basics, but now it’s time to find a car!

There are a lot of easy excuses of course: it will wear out my car, the cars are too expensive, the upgrades are too expensive, and any cheap cars wouldn’t be competitive anyway, right? Well, because of a grinning little car released all the way back in 1990, I’m happy to say you’re wrong! There is a car that allows the budget conscious enthusiast to be a race car driver!

Full story here: www.rightfootdown.com/cars/event-coverage/dream-car-budget-racer/

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