Dream Custom Build No.1 : The Alfa Romeo Tricolore SportWagon (TS)

In this segment I design my own dream machines, focussing more on pure imagination rather than actual engineering capability.

Idea - A V8 powered Alfa Romeo Shooting Brake.
Alfa Romeo have a history of making gorgeous coupes and gorgeous sportwagons. I want a cross between a coupe and a sportwagon. Here is my idea:

Main Body - Alfa Romeo 159 SportWagon
Even now the 159 SportWagon is a beautiful car, so it will be the basis for my creation, along with some minor modifications. The rear doors will be welded shut to create the shooting brake look. The 159’s front bumper will be replaced with the bumper of a Brera, a la the canned 159 GTA which never saw the light of day. This will make my sporty family runabout look mean and scary.

Platform - 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
This is where the pure imagination starts to kick in. I want to take a brand new Giulia’s platform and weld it to a 159’s body. As you can probably tell, I have no knowledge of engineering, but I shall carry on regardless. I want this shooting brake to be rear wheel drive, and it seems only just to fit a proper Alfa platform to an Alfa body.

Engine - Maserati Grantourismo MC Stradale V8
This one is pure genius. Take the 4.7 litre V8 out of the GT MC and stick it into my Franken-car. Ideally, power would be pushed to 500 bhp, but keep it naturally aspirated. This decision was not taken because of the noise. (It was)

Gearbox - Ferrari’s Double Clutch
Just to keep things within the Fiat Family.

Interior - 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia
Since, I have already desecrated a Giulia for its platform, maybe I should use its interior too. Plus, it looks pretty good too! I would try to keep the seats, because those bucket seats are just the business.

There we have it. My Alfa Romeo Tricolore SportWagon, the ultimate in grand touring, load-lugging and people moving. Quite why Fiat has not done this already is completely beyond me.

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