Dream Drive: Mclaren F1

Settle into bed and find yourself driving the Mclaren F1

7w ago

As I settle into bed, rest my head into my pillow and pull my blankets over myself, I slowly fall asleep.

In the distance, I can hear the distinct sound of an engine and the noise gets louder and closer until I find myself in the central driver's seat of one of the greatest car ever: the Mclaren F1. I look around myself to assure that this is really happening, I really am in a Mclaren F1.

The sky above is clear blue, the sun shines with warmth while the wind blows gently. I push the accelerator and instantly get a response from the naturally aspirated V12. Why can't all engines be like this? Every input in faithfully interpreted without any clever electronics telling you what to do. As the driver, you can feel everything from the road surface to the vibrations of the engine which means that you can trust it and begin driving faster and faster, braking later and balancing it though corners. This is a car that flows with grace and control.

As I approach a corner, I brake late, heel and toe downshift, match the revs and push firmly into the accelerator, marvelling in the sound. The engine just sings and sings it's spine tingling V12 soundtrack. Except that "sound" is too crude for an engine that sings like no musical instrument can. As the revs rise, I crack open the windows and the symphony behind me intensifies, and surges me towards the redline. I'm left chasing the redline again and again, after corner after corner.

Suddenly, everything fades into darkness, and I feel around me to find myself back in my own bed. Just a dream.

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