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Dream Drives- BMW M3 CSL

One barrel of petrol is left. You have one last drive. What do you go for? Welcome To Dream Drives.

1y ago

I mean are you telling me you wouldn't sell one of your kidneys to drive one of these, I know I would.

A 3.2 Litre Straight six Munich masterpiece, rear wheel drive, semi-slick tires, and one of the most iconic shapes in sports car history. It could only be the E46 BMW M3 CSL.

The BMW E46 M3 is widely considered to be the best M car ever made. A timeless shape, a godly engine, pin sharp handling and well over 300 bhp in the early 2000s surely it can't get any better can it? Oh yes it can. Strip out 185kg of the unnecessary crap add an extra 20 bhp from that glorious engine, throw in some suede, an inexplicable cardboard boot floor and a sexy duck tail spoiler on the boot and there you have it. One of the best BMWs ever made.

I first saw this car on an ancient Top Gear episode, the sight and sound of Jeremy Clarkson hooning this car around the isle of man is still etched into my mind. The sheer streams of hyperbole flowing out of Clarkson's mouth was already an indication to just how good this car was and is. Then you hear it, that noise that bloody noise a straight six concerto, no trick exhausts here just the petrol head symphony, one of the best sounding engines BMW ever made. ( the best will feature in the next edition bonus points if you guess which engine that is)

When I was younger, like many of you I'm sure, I was completely besotted with bright red Ferraris and luminous green Lamborghinis also for a period the sheer speed of the Bugatti Veryon fascinated me. But. As I have matured slightly a few things changed for me ( From an automotive perspective) one of these is a new found appreciation for the slightly less exotic, a recent fascination for the mk4 golf and the 1.8 Polo gti being two very apt examples. But the one love that has remained all the way through from the age of three until now (17) is an adoration for BMW M cars especially from the early 2000s. BMW M3 or Audi Rs4? M3. BMW M3 or Merc C63 AMG? M3. BMW M3 or a night With Demi Lovato?....Bad example but you get the idea.

Really, Really, REALLY want one of these.

Really, Really, REALLY want one of these.

I would love to be able to put my finger on what it is that draws me to a badly equipped, uncomfortable car with tires that only work when its warm and dry, which in Ireland is never and has a boot floor made of cardboard but I can't. What that car has is indescribable but that's whats great about it, it's an aura, it's knowing it's the best of the best. Now all that's left is to find well over £50,000 to try and buy one....so on that slightly mercenary, note expect more of these and more regular posting from me on here.

If any rich person would like to fund my first car it would be much appreciated.

If any rich person would like to fund my first car it would be much appreciated.

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