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Dream Drives Ep2. -McLaren F1

One Barrel Of Fuel Left. You have one more drive, what do you pick? Welcome to Dream Drives.

1y ago

A 6.1L, 640hp BMW V12 sitting in a gold-plated engine bay, no traction control, no ABS, no comprimise. It could only be, the McLaren F1.

So you and two friends want to cross europe in a day, comfortably cruising at over 200mph....Scared of flying? well you have only one option, the mesmorising McLaren F1.

What a colour.

What a colour.

The McLaren F1 was built at a time when McLaren was at the peak of it's F1 powers, had just won three World Championships and had some of the best drivers in the world on it's books but the Story of the Mclaren F1 does not start on the track it in fact starts in an airport. Gordon Murray ( Genius F1 designer) and Ron Dennis (Robot) were stuck waiting for a flight and somehow the conversation turned to making a McLaren road car. At the time nothing but an idea, but an idea that would stick and would become one of the greatest cars...Ever.

If you have never seen the video of Tiff Needell sliding one of these around Goodwood on old,old Top Gear. Watch it, watch it immediately, ( after reading this obviously) it is the single best video on youtube. A young Tiff Needell wrestling a bucking and riding McLaren F1 around the tight Goodwood Circuit, V12 screaming, being drowned out by a man talking like his trousers are on fire while on full opposite lock....At 120mph. If I could answer "Why do Automotive Journalism?" with one video that would be it.

To me, there is something mysterious about the McLaren F1 because I've never seen one in real life. I've been quite lucky thus far, I've seen a Ferrari Enzo, a Bugatti Veyron , a LaFerrari, Fxx and a Porsche 918 in the same room! But, I have never seen a McLaren F1 and that annoys me greatly.

If I were to ever get lucky enough to drive a McLaren F1 I really think it would be my last ever drive, for two reasons. 1. I don't think anything would ever top it and 2. I would more than likely put it into a tree, 640 horsepower, no power steering, a 6 speed manual box and no electronics, I think quite a lot of people would put it into a tree, a lampost, a small town, the side of a mountain or any stationary object really.

I have several fantasies, not all of them suitable for publication but one of them that is, is ; A McLaren F1, and Silverstone Grand Prix track. If I'm gonna go that is how I want to do it.

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Comments (4)

  • Great article Luke!

    The F1 is definitely one of the all time greatest cars made. No doubt.

      1 year ago
  • F1 is one of my favorite cars as well I even did a 1980-90s McLaren F1 livery from the time in GT sport

      1 year ago
  • Carrera gt and slea head drive that noise

      1 year ago