Dreams, respect and determination: Doing this for a real career in my life.

So, what's next then? Well, my video should explain all... Sorry if I ramble, but this is IMPORTANT!

3y ago

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  • Whoa... That's a gutsy move, still you can be well assured that all of us boffins at DT will be along side you, no matter what youse decides to do in the future, and I hope to see you on mainstream telly one day, doing whatever it is you dream to do...

    Also, if by cruel fate of chance your motoring journalistic ambitions take a bit longer than expected to get rolling, you can do like, motivational speaking or something in the meantime, cos that was some deep stuff...

      3 years ago
  • Wishing you every success in the worrrrrrld Emma! I know you're going to go far. Very best of Good Luck!

      2 years ago
  • Bold move, good on ya! Wish you the best of luck!

      3 years ago
  • I follow on YouTube another guy who is doing motoring journalism for both classic jaguar magazine and classic Japanese car magazine, whilst doing his own YouTube video series. He is called Ian (aka HubNut) and he started his career like everyone else really and worked his way to being a motoring journalist. Been trying to convince him to make his own tribe as his YouTube videos are brilliant as he reviews the cars people think are rubbish.

      3 years ago
  • It's a bold move, but I salute you for making the jump. Most people prefer to dream than take a chance. However, you are making a serious decision in quitting your job and there are factors you should keep in mind. 1: There is no guarantee that you'll end up being a motoring TV presenter in 5, 10, 15 or even 25 years time. No amount of work and determination can guarantee that. HOWEVER, if you don't aim for that, then it's pretty much guaranteed you WON'T be. 2: (Tied in to part 1) Reach for the stars, but keep your feet on the ground. Have a backup plan and don't let your pursuit of your goal consume you. You're still awesome and we all love you whether you make it or not. There are lots of other opportunities that might not be so glamorous, but will feed your desire to work in a motoring. journalistic or both field. 3: Don't focus on the destination. Focus on the journey. I see people leave their partners, move house, emigrate and purchase flash cars to make them happy. It doesn't work. Pursuing happiness is a sure fire way to make yourself unhappy. The happiest people are those who are always striving, always learning, but also always being content with their lot at the time and enjoying life in the moment. Consider - he can't even sell his own used Golf GTi for fear of being mobbed. He, and succeed at what they do, because they love doing it. If they weren't rich and famous, they'd probably be doing a similar thing and throwing it up on You Tube anyway. You can make motoring films and share them with people without a BBC contract or a deal with Amazon. A famous man once said being famous is a bit like galloping along on a horse - it looks jolly good fun and exciting if you're watching, but when you're in the saddle it can be a bit scary, and there comes a point where you realise you can't get off! 4: If you're quitting your job, you need to start treating your journalistic endeavors more like a job. Build yourself a timetable and include time for researching your weekly projects and writing a weekly 'to do' list. Set yourself a target of films and articles a week you want to produce. To make the most of 'being your own boss' you need to act a bit like your own boss and set yourself tasks and objectives and stick to them! I know how passionate you are about this, you definitely have a talent for it. The camera likes you and you've proven you can entertain and inform. If anyone can make a go of this, I'm sure you can! So give it your best shot! I envy you in ways, I couldn't afford to quit work to pursue a motoring journalism career full time, it'd only work if I could drop into a very well paid job - and I'm pretty sure that is NOT going to happen. You're young, you've got time. From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks! :)

      3 years ago
    • Thank you Martyn, it's all early days but it should be an experience and that I will try my best

        3 years ago