Dream Ride | My 2012 Defender 90

The series of events that led me to buy the short wheel base Land Rover I used to detour past just to admire.

13w ago

As a teenager, my father tried unsuccessfully to spark my interest in learning basic mechanical and electrical skills. It took until my early 20's when I bought a Suzuki Jimny to see the fun of tinkering with cars and, more often than not, fixing the issues that arose.

While I loved the Jimny dearly as my first 4WD, my dream was always to buy a short wheel base Land Rover - my grandfather and father learned to drive in one and upon discovering this my admiration for the car grew even deeper.

On my regular trips across town, there was a Land Rover Defender 90 that could usually be seen sitting in the driveway of a quaint Queenslander home - I used to deliberately detour past the house where the car lived and reaffirm my desire to own a Defender one day.

Then the night before I left on a week long 4WDing trip to Fraser Island, Australia I had mechanical issues with my Suzuki Jimny. Luckily I was loaned a back-up car by my sister-in-law so the trip went ahead, but in my frustration I started scrolling through cars for sale.

Lo and behold, there was the exact Landy I had admired up for grabs... and the rest is history. 😏 Over the past year we've travelled almost 25,000km across Queensland and have no plans to slow down any time soon.

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Comments (8)

  • There really is something about Land Rovers that despite everything you have to deal with, you keep coming back... (speaking as someone who learnt to drive in a Series IIa and am basically a second generation Land Rover nut as my name suggests)

      2 months ago
    • Yes absolutely! I now have plans to buy a Series III to add to my collection in the next couple of years, there's certainly no escaping Land Rovers once they've drawn you in. :)

        2 months ago
  • Everyone should have at least one Land Rover in their life...

      3 months ago
  • Land Rover/Range Rovers are like marriage... in good and bad times... even if you want to set it on fire, you love it...

      2 months ago
  • Also my dream car

      2 months ago