Dreaming of a white Christmas? I'm dreaming of a white Ferrari!

    I'm not dreaming of any white Ferrari, I want this beautiful 308 GTBi from 1982. So it's time to make other colours than red great again on Ferrari's

    I'm not dreaming of any white Ferrari, I want this beautiful 308 GTBi from 1982. So it's time to make other colours than red great again on Ferrari's.

    Yeah, I've never been a real fan of red Ferrari's... Red is too easy and too obvious. It's not a bad colour, it's just the colour I would never pick. So, when I came across this white Ferrari 308 GTBi from 1982, you can imagine that I fell in love instantly. This car seats at Perego Cars, a dealership located in Switzerland between Geneva and Lausanne and they've been kind enough to let me go for a ride. It's a European-spec 308 GTBi that is in prisitine condition and only had two owners. Honestly, this car is a pure beauty and you can actually buy it if you want.

    But let's get back to the 308 GTBi. I love this car especially because of its beautiful colour combination. But that's not just it. The 308 has one of the most beautiful designs ever. It might not be the best Ferrari ever in terms of conception, but a Ferrari will always be a Ferrari.

    The Ferrari 308 GTB came out in 1975 and replaced the 246 GT. The early models "Vetroresina" are the most sought after as they had a body made of fiber-glass and only 808 were built. But what we have here is 308 GTBi. The "i" is very important here. This car was introduced in 1980 and was equipped with a fuel injector in order to lower emissions. Unfortunately, it also came with a significant power decrease as it went from 255 HP to 214 HP.

    Red is too easy and too obvious.

    Enzo Ferrari

    In the United States, the drop was even more drastic with a total power output of 205 HP. Add the fact that Ferrari abandoned the fiber-glass body for a steel one and you find yourself with a 150 KG heavier car that is 40 HP less powerful. Ouch. Otherwise, in terms of design, nothing changed much. One other interesting fact about the GTBi is that only 494 coup├ęs made it into production. So, this car is actually rarer than the highly exclusive LaFerrari. The GTBi was later replaced by the "Quattrovalvole" that introduced the four valves per cylinder and finally, the 3.0 V8 was performant again with 240 HP. Another notable move that Ferrari did in 1980 was the launch of the 208 GTB. Regarded as the slowest Ferrari ever it was fitted with 2.0 V8 that developed a mere 155 HP... This car was produced mainly to respond to tax reasons that affected cars with engines above 2-litres. Only 300 cars made it into production. The 308 was produced for 10 years and was replaced in 1985 by the 328 GTB.

    The Ferrari 308 GTBi has such an epic 80's vibe, and I can't help but think that the first person that bought the car was a great fan of Saturday Night Fever or stuff like that. So, apart from the fact that it looks awesome it drives nicely also. The car feels light, precise and nimble. It corners well even though you quickly sense that it comes from another era. The V8 note is sublime and the 5-speed manual is a joy. The driving position is a bit odd but, again, it's nearly a 40 years old car. But the best part is when you come out of the car and look at it. Isn't it just perfect?

    Ferrari 308 GTBi

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car that is currently on sale. Website: www.peregocars.com/en Facebook: www.facebook.com/peregocars/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/peregocars/

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