Drift Car Interiors

The sometimes forgotten part of a Drift Car.

2y ago

So we've all attended drifting events, we have all admired the cars, whether it be admiring the car for the body kit it has, the engine bay, the wheels or even the colour of the car, what ever makes it appealing to the eye.

Sometimes the interior, cage, dash etc of the car can be forgotten about! Is this not the ''office'' of a drifter the hub of all activity, the ''special'' place where all those drifting angles and rubber burning stunts are initiated?

In this article I am hoping to show case some of my buddies and drifters I know, drift cars mainly the interiors, ''the forgot hub of a drift car'' as I like to call it, I'll link their social media too where possible in case anyone may want to follow them, I will also be adding to this article as soon I get more pictures sent to me and uploaded!

In the meantime have a gander, enjoy and follow them on social media, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Peden Nielsen's see through 249sx:

Peden's Facebook:

Peden's Instagram:

Shea Rodgers Supra:

Shea's Facebook:

Chucky Geary E36 Touring:

Chucky's Facebook:

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Chucky's Youtube:

Adam Miles s13

Team Flas Facebook:

Neil Dunne's 180:

Neil's facebook:

Neil's Instagram:

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