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Every year in autumn and spring at Queensland Raceway, an exciting drifting event occurs. This event isn’t rife with big sponsors, expensive teams or professionals. In fact most of the competitors just spent all year fixing up their pride and joy just to have a shot at the weekend. Some spent big, others spent what they had just to get out on the track. Countless hours are put aside to prepare for these few days. The Annual Drift Matsuri Weekend

Competitors, Spectators, Friends, Mechanics and Party Goers lined the track, setting up their tents along the outer perimeter. Designing their camp areas for the best vantage points and access to the track. Just the sheer amount of entrants staying around QR outlined how big this event really was.


The weekend was a fine line between relaxed and busy. Hundreds of cars made their way out on to the main track with a selection of 3 different courses to run, including tandem runs up the back corner, some twisty and rough surface runs through the dipper and the final massive main corner up the front straight which could be attempted from both runs.
The Short track was also open, allowing for entrants to attempt reverse entries, high speed entries, as well as some 360’s and more. Some proving how close they can get to the outer walls, and others careering straight into them.

​Egos were crushed along with rides as some drivers overshot their line or messed up that angle; smacking into the walls and ending their weekend. Some drivers even spent all day and night rebuilding their broken gearboxes or replacing broken components to get right back out on track again. Showing that Matsuri determination that emerges every year from a deep passion for drifting, with some drivers offering their own spare parts to friends or acquaintances just so everyone could get back on track.


This is the spirit of drifting. Mates, angle, shredding tyres and of course having fun. Can’t wait for Spring!

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