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A staple in drifting for 10+ years.

Sarah: So, Joe can you introduce yourself to us on DriveTribe?

Joe: Hi. I am Joe Terrell, the founder of Drifted. Sarah has kindly asked me to give you some insights and history about Drifted to share with you all here at Drivetribe.

Sarah: Can you tell us what Drifted is exactly?

Joe: Drifted is a website and brand that was founded back in 2009, amongst the rise of the personal blog.

Sarah: Who is involved in Drifted.com?

Joe: We three, JDM obsessed drift enthusiasts saw an opportunity to spotlight the growing culture of drifting, so we pooled our resources and created Drifted. We invested a lot of time in making connections with other enthusiasts, blog owners, photographers, drivers, event organisers, and an unfathomable amount of time on social media, eventually, we built a following. Our small but talented army of volunteer photographers was covering so many car features and events, at some points scheduling our volume of content did become a challenge.

Although let's be fair; This is the sort of challenge any blog owner dreams about!

Sarah: Where are some of your volunteers from?

Joe: Our volunteers were spread throughout the globe, from New Zealand to Canada and most places in between.

Sarah: Where in the world would you have a strong presence?

Joe: We had a strong presence in the USA, among both grassroots and Pro Formula DRIFT communities, and also here in the UK, where we were covering British Drift Championship, Irish Drift Championship and JDM All Stars events, among many others.

Sarah: Has Drifted.com ever suffered because of social media platforms?

Joe: In 2015 the world of social media (most especially Facebook) took hold and eventually interest (and ultimately traffic) in private blogs plummeted. Drifted continued to publish world-class, exclusive drifting content but just a couple of years later, two of the founding team members made the decision to part ways and move onto other projects.

Sarah: How did Drifted.com recover from this?

Joe: Fast forward to 2017 and the Drifted brand was rebooted, with a renewed focus on what content today's drifting enthusiasts were looking for.

Out went gigantic, detailed event reports, driver blogs and video roundups. In came gaming coverage, car tuning guides, virtual drifting and a plethora of technical articles.

Sarah: So it is 2021, where does Drifted.com stand today?

Joe: Today in 2021, Drifted is an established brand in the industry, with the website attracting half a million users per month and the social media channels boasting over 350k followers.

Our lean team punches well above its weight with just myself, our senior writer Bill and editor Hannah on the roster. We are also very lucky to have a group of passionate volunteers supporting us. Together we leverage the latest technologies to deliver a stream of unique, innovative and well-researched content every week.

Sarah: What area of your work do you take pride in?

Joe: As a team, we take pride in the fact that every article we publish has a drifting slant, whether the topic is about the best set of coilovers to bolt on to your 350Z or how to perfect your drifting technique in Assetto Corsa.

Sarah: Have you anything in the pipeline for this year?

Joe: We have an exciting content pipeline for the future, that includes creating new unique and engaging content for our audience while also growing the Drifted brand.

I am out-and-out pumped for the future of Drifted. Ten more years? No problem.

Sarah: What was a highlight of 2020 for Drifted?

Joe: Whilst positive highlights in 2020 may feel a little thin on the ground initially, looking back I would say that working with a talented game developer to publish our first exclusive drifting game (Touge Race & Drift) was a real treat.

Touge Race and Drift is a free to play browser drifting game that delivers state of the art graphics, hyper-detailed car models of your favourite drift cars, detailed modification paths, coupled with a fun and yet realistic physics model.

Here are some of the features of the game:

3 Huge Locations:

Mountain City.

Training Base.

Drift school.

58 Configurations.

14 Unique Cars.

Awesome Physics.

High quality Graphics.

Our audience has rated it 4.5/5 stars and it sits within the top three of the most played games on the Drifted website - despite us only releasing the game in the summer.

Sarah: Do you still love drifting after ten years?

Joe: While anything can start to feel old with enough years under your belt, drifting and the culture that surrounds it still captivates me.

Even when you may have seen who knows how many SR20's come screaming around the circuit, the feeling of being there trackside, breathing in the fuel, smoke and debris, and seeing skilled drivers pushing themselves is still a great experience and something to treasure. The drifting world itself has come a long way in ten years.

From the standard of cars, the quality and availability of parts and the level of exquisite fabrication on the high-end builds. The standard of the drivers themselves and how they present their brands to their fans, their sponsors and the media has also grown in professionalism.

Sarah: Do you feel drifting has changed in the last 10+ years?

Joe: In some ways drifting feels like it has grown up and when anything you love changes, that can feel a little sad.

Although with that said, the grassroots events are still some of the most entertaining; events like Desert Meihan in the US and Drift Matsuri in the UK are excellent examples of the amateur drifting scene (although of course some of the pros do turn out at these).

Sarah: Do you think media has changed since you began Drifted.com much over time?

Joe: The way we all consume drifting media has also changed unrecognisably over the past decade. The dominance of social media and Silicon Valley giants has irrevocably changed our browsing habits. The old blogging format that we cut our teeth on is long gone.

However, I am very proud to report that Drifted has weathered the storm and is as relevant, and if not more relevant today than it was in 2009.

Big thanks to Joe for taking the time out of his busy day to have the chat with me. You can follow Drifted on social media, the links listed below!




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