Drifters Rejoice Nissan May Be Launching A Brand New Silvia

1y ago


There used to be a time where Nissan would offer you three different options to suit your various sports coupe needs. You had your top of the range GTR (if you were lucky enough to live in a country that sold them) If AWD technological wizbangery wasn't your cup of tea you had the RWD Z car, and if your sole goal in life was to go sideways for the least amount of money possible you could get yourself a Silvia. Time went on and now your options are GTR and an outdated 370Z. Nissan needs an infusion of new sportyness and it needs it fast.

Powered by the SR20DET The Silvia has always been a favorite among tuners. The SR was capable of big power and the RWD layout made it a very popular choice among the drifting community.

Rumors are already circulating about a new Z car but it looks like we could be returning to the old days and the rebirth of the Silvia. According to "inside information" from Response, a Japanese auto news site, a new S16 Silvia could be making its public debut later this month at the Tokyo Auto Show. We haven't had a new Silvia since the S15 went out of production in 2002. The new car is rumored to have a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine featuring VC-T. VC-T is the variable compression technology Nissan's luxury arm, Infinity, debuted last year.

So does this mark the return to the glory days? Is Nissan poised to start selling three different sport coupes again? We can only hope.

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