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    you meet the coolest people when you drive your old stuff

    4y ago


    Oh sure, I have boring daily drivers to choose from but every now and then I decide to be a little adventurous and drive my old stuff. This was on a random weekday and a run to the radiator shop to pick up a boiled out fuel tank for an old Packard I was working on was my quest. Sure, the old trusty F-150 would have been a better choice for the task, but Im so glad I fired up the 356 instead. This amazing old Dodge Power Wagon was climbing the hill in front of me and at one point motioned for me to pull over. The driver and I had an amazing chat about cars and such and I think we both fell in love with each others rides. We never would have met if I was driving the normal machine. So get out there and drive your stuff people!!

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