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Porsche Design Towers Miami

Earlier this year, Porsche Design opened their first ever residential property on the beachfront in Miami. I was personally there around 12 months ago before it was fully completed and I can confirm it's quite something to see. It's the tallest building around, over 60 stories, and has a fully automated car-lift that will take your car up to your apartment - even if that is some 60 floors above the road. This is the first in a series of residential properties that Porsche have created that adhere to the way we will all live in the future - there are three trends in how we live that stand out: luxury cocooning, green living, and smart homes. It is based on this philosophy that the Porsche Towers have been created.

The first European project of this nature is now under way and it's naturally in Germany. The Porsche Design Tower Frankfurt is in the vibrant financial metro­polis, Frankfurt am Main, an out­standing new building project initiated by P+B Planen und Bauen from Sankt Augustin.

The location for this development in Frankfurt is stunning, and the architecture is also very nice - but it did make us think. You can drive Porsche. You can even wear Porsche on your feet, wrist and back. But would you want to 'live' Porsche too? Porsche have recently acquired a company in Stuttgart that will seamlessly start to integrate your home, car and smart devices - so is this the future? If Dyson want to make cars, why can't Porsche make homes?

Porsche Design Towers Frankfurt

The first project in South America is also underway, with Porsche Design Towers Brava in Brazil. A very large scale development with incredible views - either of rainforest or the coast. A stunning design and location - pictures below. But this does ask, if you are happy to buy a Porsche Design toaster or kitchen, would you be willing to buy a Porsche Design home?