BOOM! I have been selected as a tribe leader for @DRIVETRIBES. #DRIVETRIBE

BOOM! I have been selected as a tribe leader for @DRIVETRIBES. #DRIVETRIBE

Drive Tribe Leader...
What the hell does that mean?

It occurred to me as I was told I was selected to be a drive tribe leader, that I suddenly had no idea what I would write about?! What do I have to say? Why would anyone want to read/listen to my ramblings? What would be their motivation to follow me? (Are just some of the thoughts and questions that initially crossed my mind)

Clarkson, Hammond and May will have plenty to say and write about. Places, experiences, exotic cars and much more besides. Musings and ramblings of their own. (Oh and a bloody awesome, Global Internet based TV show...) What could I possibly add?

I'm a married, thirty something, with two young children (under 4) and my life is currently spent, looking after them. Occasionally I am released to host a RocK radio show on-line. "The Ryan RocKs Show" (have a listen on Monday nights if you like RocK music)

Sure, I'm articulate enough to write down a few thoughts here and there. I've done movie reviews, band reviews, opinion pieces, you know..., that kind of thing. This, however, seems a whole other level. A community of car, comedy and driving enthusiasts.

I would normally sign up to this kind of thing and be a reader. I'd take part. I'd comment. But, I wouldn't create the content. I would comment on how I would/could do as good a job as these writers and journalists. I would complain that I wasn't doing it. I would over analyse, critique and absorb every word. I'd definitely make a smart ass (or at least I'd think it was smart) comment. A counter argument, an alternative point of view, a joke even.

Now I'm the one who will have that directed at them. A daunting prospect to say the least. But, is it really? I'm the everyman, I'm your voice. The guy who has to choose a practical family car and small cheap runabout, out of necessity. I'm in as much awe over a Bugatti Veyron as you. I'd like to own my dream garage, I'd like to own any exotic car.

However, I live in the real world. I have to make compromises.

Having seen Clarkson's view on this on TV and in magazines and books (no I haven't met him either) I imagine he'd tell me to work harder and get a better job. Or something equally easy for him to say, being one of the worlds most prolific car journalists..

The fact is, I am where I am in life. My income is not at the level I can pop out and buy a new super car on a whim. It's not at a level where I buy a brand new 'anything' on a whim. Big purchases take much planning and discussion.

I have had to get my car fix from magazines, online articles, TV Shows, Movies, go-karting or track experience days. So I will be writing from that real world perspective. I am your voice, the everyman (or woman) (every person, is that a thing? Spell check says no, anyway regardless...)

I will be writing from a similar dreamer perspective. If you want to discuss something specific let me know.

Heard rumours of a new concept? Driven something awesome? Bring it here. WE will live vicariously through each other. We will share stories. Share experiences and constantly re-write our Dream Garages.

Top speeds, car designs, what we think is a stunning visual expression of automotive existence. Or the opposite, what is the most ugly offensive looking vehicle you've ever seen?

Discuss it all here.

Maybe you have an idea, noticed something missing? A niche in the market. Something that isn't represented or should be catered for more. Any thought or feeling that you have relating to cars, miles per gallon, design or power... let's put the car world to rights... together, the collective masses.

Friends, Drive Tribers, Country Men, lend me your Cars...

(Not literally, I mean figuratively, obviously...don't worry... I'll either get funnier or you'll get used to me).

Let's Drive this Tribe...

Join In

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