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1y ago


I spend every possible minute of the day I can, thinking about new motoring content to produce, from articles to photos, live broadcasts and of course my car films.

I'll still be blogging on here, as well as creating content on Drive Tribe, but I'd really like to know from you what you want to read, flick through and watch.

Would you like Formula One or WRC commentary? How about classic motoring - want some of that? Perhaps you'd like me to do a strange feature on real-life Barbie cars, who knows?

It literally doesn't matter how conventional, or whacky your suggestions are. Get involved with my Drive Tribe surgery - let's pool our car keys and get this show on the road.

Comment below with your suggestions...

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Comments (4)
  • I'd like more 924 content ;-)

    1 year ago
  • I'd love to see a piece on what motorsports are actually popular. Which motorsports people actually engage with in a meaningful way.

    1 year ago


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