Driveclub: Why you should play it if you have the game

"If you have it", I'll explain why I said that in the end of this article.

Driveclub, my first racing game that I bought in 2017. It was a very good racing game considering it was released in 2014. The graphics and the sound effects doesn't even seem like it was from 2014. Now, if you have the game, let me tell you why you should play it.

Cool eh?

Cool eh?

But first, let me tell you some history about the game

Driveclub was announced in the PS4 press conference on 20 February 2013. After many delays, it was eventually released world wide in October 2014. The game reached 2 million copies sold in 2015, making it one of the best selling PS4 games. Developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony for the PS4, the game received fairly mixed critics. The critics loved the graphics and sound design, but on the other hand, they don't like the inconsistent AI and the lack of variety in the game.

The experience

The game has 6 different countries that you can race on, that being Canada, Chile, Japan, India, Norway and Scotland. Inside those countries, there are tracks that include circuit races, point to point and cities. You can change weather, time of day and time lapse. There are many camera settings such as aperture, frame, filter and so on, making it heaven for photographers. There's even a "race with filter" function where you can race with the filters in the camera settings. For example: There's a filter called "Night Vision" and if you race at night and race with the filter, it literally looks like night vision.

There is character customization and accolades that you can earn while you're playing the game. You can make your own liveries but sadly there's no visual customization apart from the liveries you can make. The steering in the game is 900 degrees wheel rotation. The damage model in the game is sadly just scratches and dents, I would love the game to have a damage model where the parts fall off.

The cars and why you should play the game if you have it

The cars

The cars, there are 60 cars in total (including the DLCs) in Driveclub. Each of them has realistic car sounds and unique car sounds (One thing though, the Pagani Huayra in the game sounds like a V8/V16).

Why play the game?

Well, it's because if you like taking beautiful photos of cars, then this would be the game for you. The racing too is difficult, but at the same time if you drive carefully then you'll eventually win. Now, if you're wondering if there's a career mode in Driveclub, there is, with the main one being the Driveclub Tour and the others being a part of the DLCs. Also, for bike enthusiasts, there's a Driveclub Bikes DLC which sadly you can't buy anymore.

The title says "if you have it", I'll tell you why

Although it seems fun, the game's servers has shutdown since 31 March 2020 and you weren't able to buy stuff from the game since 29 August 2019. The game has also been pulled out from the Playstation Store since then so you can only buy physical copies (but idk if there's still one).

Even though the game has been dead ever since, but the beauty of this game still lives on. So that concludes my article today so thank you for reading.

Also, the pictures you see are pictures made by me while playing the game

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Comments (4)

  • I didn’t play it originally but heard how good it was so I bought it a week before it came off the store. It is brilliant but a shame I missed out on online and on the DLC cars

      1 month ago
  • I played it and it was fun, especially the RUF and the Mazzanti. Why did they not expand the series?

      1 month ago