Driven by hunger: My top eats in Paris

Bonjour my petite croissants! Let's talk about the city of love's best asset: Food!

2y ago

A massive part of traveling the world for me is food. I love to try new things from different places and Paris is the city that I love the most.

I have been twice now - for my 25th and 26th birthday, to be exact. It's the whole package: the beautiful streets, the boutique shops, the stereotypical french woman smoking, carrying two baguettes and a bottle of wine and food - lots and lots of food. Here is the best places I have enjoyed in the two trips I have taken over to the city of love.

Miss Ko...

I have a massive weak spot the size of Glasgow for Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi. Miss Ko sits on one of the finest streets in all of Paris - Avenue George V. It suits me to the ground with its odd styling, fragments of the underground from Blade Runner mixed with an Anime movie of sorts.

Small TV screens are playing old and new Asian news bulletins as apart of the effect - bright neon lights in a dark place. The cocktails are very sensual and the painting and decor match this slightly Asian burlesque style. I have enjoyed sushi around the world and at home but this place is the best - and is the place that got me to finally like sashimi, it was so damn good!

Cyril Lignac Aux pres and patisseries...

Cake! Oh god, I love cakes. In 2017 I found one of Chef Lingnac's patisseries and I fell in love. I spent well over €40 in just cakes. I am seriously, a fat bitch. The best one was the Equinoxe, vanilla creme sponge with a raspberry layer, cream and dusted in a grey chocolate powder - Gah.

And to top that all off, he owns four restaurants, two next to each other on Rue du Dragon - Aux Prés and Le Bar des Prés. The food is out of this world, small dishes packed with flavours and not a bad price for it either. Sorry for the dark pictures but it's one of those places, they insist on eating by candlelight like it's dark ages.

Fromage DANARD...

Cheese! I have a bad addiction to it, so bad. In a past life, I was a Cheesemonger, which just means I sell people cheese but god damn it, I know a lot! I found this little shop on a street, just behind Les Halles and I was so impressed by it, I just had to know more.

They have different size selection boards, seeing it was lunch time, we thought not to be greedy - I was so wrong. The selection was so good, I just wanted more and more. I can even remember the smell and the taste from just looking at the photo - as always I go for a red wine and Daniel always drinks white or rose.


This amazing Italian pizzeria is hidden in a funky yet rough area of Paris - Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière. We have been here both trips in 2017 and 2018 as it is so nice, you can't just go once. The staff are trendy and very French, but will let you try to speak French if you want and will help you along the way. The Pizzas are classic style and you can see into the kitchen, so no nasty secrets can be hidden.

Le Faubourg 34...

This was by accident. Down the same road was a steakhouse that I wanted to go to - they weren't open that night, damn it. It was late and we both were so hungry, we saw Le Faubourg 34 sitting on the corner of the street. So, we thought 'meh, why not?' and I'm glad we did. It's nothing fancy or posh if you are wondering, its simply chic and French in style.

The steak I had was great and oddly Daniel had a salad. Sometimes that is the best way to know the best places to eat in cities, see where the locals go - this was one of those places. We were the only English people there. It was great!

If you have been to Paris, let me know your favourite places to eat, then maybe I can go check them out next year!



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Comments (7)

  • That cheese/cured meats board looks amazing

      2 years ago
  • I discovered some good restaurants outside from Paris. I'm sure would agree to say the Indian restaurant where we ate was really good. I don't remember its name.

      2 years ago
  • Cyril Lignac is like the french Jamie Oliver, everybody fucking loves him

      2 years ago