- 2018 Ram 1500 Longhorn Southfork Edition 5.7 Hemi.


To add even more refinement, luxury and especially southwestern styling to the line-up, Ram released the 2018 Longhorn Southfork Edition.

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During the annual State Fair of Texas in Dallas, Ram took the wraps of their latest posh truck. Compared to the already option laden Longhorn, the Longhorn Southfork Edition offers more features and comfort while further glorifying that wonderful Wild West theme. At the Texas Auto Writers Association’s Texas Truck Rodeo in Austin, we had a chance to try it for ourselves.

More luxurious

Premium pickup trucks are more popular than ever, and Ram is poised to grab a big slice of that market. The Laramie Longhorn edition was launched in 2010 and back then it was the most luxurious truck Ram had ever built. The competition caught up though, so Ram had to come up with an even more luxurious opponent.

© Kevin McCauley

© Kevin McCauley

The Ram Southfork is as much Kanye West as it is Wild West…

On the outside the Southfork has a Texas sized “Longhorn” badge in bright chrome stretched across the tailgate. All current Longhorn body colors are available and our test truck was decked out in white with the Walnut Brown two-tone option. Definitely our favorite combination!

This exterior perfectly matched the Natura Plus 100 percent full-grain leather - as Ram calls it - in Canyon Brown and Light Frost Beige. The headliner is covered in light grey suede, the grab handles on both the A- and B-pillars in brown leather and the steering wheel is trimmed in real walnut, making this Southfork as much Kanye West as it is Wild West. To round it all off, stitching throughout the cabin is done in ruby red and the floormats come with 'Longhorn' logos. All in all not a place for muddy boots and dirty work clothes…


The basic platform of the Ram 1500 is not the youngest anymore, but equipped with the optional all-round air suspension offering five different heights (off-road 1, off-road 2, normal, aero and entry/exit) the ride is surprisingly supple both on-road and in fairly heavy terrain.

No changes were made to the drivetrain of course, since the Southfork is a luxury package, so the 395 horsepower 5.7 liter V8 and the 8-speed automatic transmission combined with all-wheel drive performed as expected. Not much to complain there, since this has always been our favorite Ram 1500 configuration. .

What might be a reason to complain - for some - is the price. Our test truck was listed at a hefty $62,580 including options like the Ram Box system, air suspension and a sun roof. Prices start at $54,420 for the 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 Hemi, so you can fulfill your Western dream for about double the price of a basic 1500 Tradesman. The Heavy Duty models are available from $57,015 and up, reaching well into the eighties with a few well aimed checks on the options list.

2018 Ram 1500 Longhorn Southfork Edition 5.7 Hemi

© Words Natan Tazelaar

© Images Kevin McCauley, Natan Tazelaar

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