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Driven: The Honda Fit Will Be Missed

We take the 2018 Honda Fit LX on a road trip: Is it the best economy hatchback?


We took the 2018 Honda Fit LX, the base trim level, on a bit of a road trip to see what it was all about. How much car can you really get for under $18,000? To be completely realistic, this is the most stock Fit you can buy, no options, and no accessories. This means it's essentially the 1 ply toilet paper of cars. While this one may be almost 2 years old, it is basically the same as the current 2020 LX.

Yona Shapiro | Intrepid Reviews

Yona Shapiro | Intrepid Reviews

$18,000! It Can't Be That Bad!

Oh believe us, it is, but only in the features department. For example, it only has a 5-inch infotainment screen and 4-speakers, cars nowadays have screens that are almost triple that! Quality, as we will mention in our full review, is lacking, as expected from a sub-$18,000 car. Door handles are cheap, plastic is everywhere, and the steering wheel might as well have come directly off a children's ride-on toy.

Our Experience

Now for our road trip experience: Straight away, the car felt cheap, things were rattling like mad, the seats were not very supportive, and the audio system was an abomination. We decided to turn off the radio and pay attention to the ride quality, which wasn't as backbreaking as you might imagine. Apart from the rattling, subpar seats, and cheap steering wheel, the ride quality was fairly good, especially for a car like the Fit. Despite it being the base, LX trim, the Fit earns 2.5/5.0 stars for ride quality. This isn't impressive, but riding in the Nissan Altima, a car that costs twice as much, was worse. As you can probably deduce, these images are from after the journey, that's why the car is slightly dusty...We'll get into that later.

Moving on to the noise level, Honda did not sound proof this car one bit, you can hear everything. The awful road noise buffering about the cabin does make the Fit an annoying car to drive on the highway, or a gravel back road however, for buyers who will commute to and from work and travel at under 45 miles an hour, noise shouldn't be an issue. The Fit receives 2.0/5.0 stars for noise level.

Unfortunately, we received a Fit equipped with a CVT. A manual fitted one would definitely be more fun to drive, despite its low horsepower numbers. Overall, the Fit's CVT is not unbearably rubbery, but isn't preferable over the enticing manual (#savethemanuals). Let's be real though, the Fit is not a Golf GTI, it won't egg you on in any capacity. It's transmission is rated .5/5.0-it's a CVT. Oh, and that is 'point five', not 5.0.

As it was a road trip, luggage was needed, and had to be stored. The Fit has a surprising amount of cargo space, with over 16 cubic feet when the rear seats are up, and a staggering 52.7 with the rear seats folded. That's about 5 cubic feet more than the Toyota 4Runner's (Seats up)! Needless to say, the Fit had plenty of space to fit our luggage. The Fit has one of the biggest cargo areas in its class, so it earns 4.7/5.0 stars.

Let's talk interior: As previously mentioned, the cabin is chock-full of plastic, cheap trim, and more plastic. The infotainment screen was pretty hard to see (Not really), it's only 5-inches in size, the audio system was awful, and the door handles seemed to detach after every use. For the duration of the journey we noticed the disappointing rear seats, thigh support is minimal, and leg room is decent. Rear hip room is fairly tight, and no rear air vents are provided. 2 people should be fine in the rear for a minimal amount of time.

Yona Shapiro | Intrepid Reviews

Yona Shapiro | Intrepid Reviews

All things considered, the Fit has the most economical interior of any hatchback, but certainly not the nicest. But hey, it's an $18,000 car-we shouldn't be complaining. The interior of the Fit earns a disgraceful, but understandable, 3.0/5.0 stars. The reason it doesn't receive a lower score is due to the point of the Fit: It's an economical hatchback, not a luxury sedan.

The Fit is the laughing stock of vehicles when it comes to appearance. It has some nice body lines, but overall is just your average car, no one will think much of it. With that being said, however, it isn't bad looking. The rear taillights in particular are sharp, along with the front grille area. In addition, the chrome sprinkled around the exterior is a nice touch, and really adds some more character to the Fit's already charming personality. The Fit's appearance is no head turner, earning it 2.5/5.0 stars.

Now for why the car is slightly dirty: One of our team thought it would be a good idea to take the Fit off-road...Needless to say, it didn't go that well, especially for our backs. Gravel wasn't the most comfortable surface for the Fit LX, it didn't get 'stuck' per se, it just struggled a little on the steep uphill. These images were basically taken in the middle of nowhere.


We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Fit LX, regardless of its below average interior. The Fit will be missed, as it is being discontinued for the 2021 model year, and was a great car up until the SUVs took over. Hey Honda, can we get the new Fit in the U.S?

What's Next?

We will have our full review out in about a week with more images, details, and buyer advice.

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