Driven: The Hotchkis E-Max Challenger

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Words & Photography: Luke Ray.

Emails, emails, emails. There was a point in time, I seem to remember, when receiving an email was a pretty special thing. It was all so new and fresh. There was something cool about that notification that someone had sent you a message through this bizarre new form of contact. Safe to say that now that same notion has been somewhat turned on it’s head, and of the barrage of data that lands in my inbox on a daily basis, only a small fraction of it is what I would call stimulating reading. That ‘special feeling’ has now transitioned to those special emails that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

5th October, 2010. “Hey, I work with a media agency here in Los Angeles. I just stumbled across Fuel Magazine online and I would love to work with you if you are ever out this way.” It was Elana. Elana works for a PR agency in LA, with some pretty cool automotive clientele on the books. This really made me pay attention. I had been procrastinating for a while about making the first FM trip out to the States to have a look around and spread the word about the magazine. I hadn’t really considered the possibility of being hooked up with some heavy American iron whilst on such a trip, but as it panned out, this is exactly what was going to happen. Forward a few months, and after some more research about a good time to visit the US, a trip was finally locked in to hit Viva Las Vegas in April. That and some extended plans in the L.A. area combined to form the basis of a crazy, fun, amazing two weeks.

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