"Driven to Inspire"

49w ago

Every once in a while, a motorsport story comes along that reminds you why the sport is so important.

That’s not to say I’m not in this for the cars, the rush and glamour of racing and rallying, and indeed the opportunities I like many others have enjoyed from being connected to the industry.

But there’s something which goes much deeper; a power that anyone fortunate enough to be in a position to climb into a race car wields.

The power to inspire.

And that’s why - above all else - when I was offered the chance to get behind the wheel of PDC Racing’s new historic spec Porsche 924, I realised I needed to tell the team’s great story.

Gavin Johnson, along with his sponsor RS Components, will not only be driving the car to race meetings (all the way!), he’ll be stopping in at a local school on the way to the circuit.

These visits are linked to RS Component’s ‘STEM’ activities, and indeed the company already has 150 volunteers across the UK working with schools and colleges to promote careers in maths, science and engineering.

It doesn’t take a brilliant mathematician to work out the impact that these visits will have on young hearts and minds, and having run similar projects at Cadwell Park, I’ve seen first hand how inspired children are when a race or rally car turns up in the playground.

With all that said, here’s my latest film - a story about a race car, but above all else a story about people...

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