Driver accused of murdering motorbike thief by ramming

Mihai Dinisoae was pursuing the motorbike thieves in his car

9w ago

Two motorbike thieves were allegedly rammed from their stolen motorbike by the owner chasing them in his car, with one being killed and the other seriously injured.

Murder accused Mihai Dinisoae is standing trial accused of killing one man and injuring another in a car crash.

Dinisoae has pleaded not guilty to killing Joshua Molloy, 28, and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Mikey Dunwiddie, 28, after the fatal collision in Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle, on Sunday, May 3.

It is claimed the 32-year-old, of Baldwin Avenue, Fenham, Newcastle, caused the motorbike that the two alleged victims were travelling on to collide with a fence on Newbiggin Lane, near the junction with Trevelyan Drive.

Mr Molloy suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Mr Dunwiddie was taken to hospital in a critical but stable condition.

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  • Someone stealing just to survive, well, while extremely aggravating and annoying, has reason and excuse. After very little consideration I would likely give them more as well. I too live close to the breadline and have done most of my life, so I know what it means. Youngsters, growing up, can do some remarkably foolish things, illegal things and dangerous things, but that too can be explained by the exuberance of youth, edging with the world about you, testing your resolve, becoming a rounded adult (no, they don't exist ready-formed!). I have forgiven many anti-social behaviours, even aimed that energy in a better direction, to quite a few young people (up to perhaps 22ish years old.) This crime wasn't committed to survive, to obtain the necessary elements to sustain life. They are gifted by our Welfare State, who put a roof over your head, food in your mouth, clothes upon your back and an education for your offspring. None of those are high quality, but they exist and are paid for by all those around you by way of taxation. So, this was not for a matter of survival. Were the culprits still in their development years? No, they were pretty much the age of the gentleman from whom they stole. That fellow, with but four years more life to his name, had done his best and earned the money to purchase a motorbike. Since most motorbikes are a luxury and the owner apparently had access to a car as well, we can assume he was a hard working fellow. We don't know of his family life, so I will treat him as a single man. A house, a car and a motorbike. How much of his life was spent toiling to afford these items? Nothing indicates he was a wealthy man, who was fortunate enough to have access to a fortune. He was like most of us, scratting for a living, spending almost all his waking hours earning the money to buy a very average life, very little time to call his own and enjoy the fruits of his labour. The sort of man, in fact, most likely never to experience freedom until almost too old to enjoy it any more, when he retires. The two men he chased, (and let us not be emotive here,) knocked off his bike, were also in a position to have followed a similar, ordinary life thus to afford a similar benefit. They were adults. Fully grown, mature men. They knew exactly what they were doing. They knowingly and purposefully stole the product of years of toil from the owner of the motorcycle, life he can never claw back. His life, in reality, was shortened by the actions of this pair. There is rarely anything to prevent one committing a crime. There remains, however, a price to pay. The outcome of these men's actions resulted in death and destruction and their victim now faces manslaughter in the very least. He too was foolish to waste his freedom, when his insurance (paid by all of us, like taxation) would have recompensed him. Whom amongst us though, would not follow a very similar path under the same conditions?

      2 months ago
    • Very well said.

        2 months ago
    • Let’s be honest, in these types of situations most people would give chase and act before putting logical thoughts into the situation ie insurance will pay out. This guy has worked hard for this expensive luxury and for most bikers it’s HIS...

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        2 months ago
  • I don’t think I’d ram them, but I would chase them

      2 months ago
  • At first glance I thought that hero pic was Chris Harris. LOL

      2 months ago
  • I wouldn't ram them, because I value my car too much, and body panels aren't cheap at all. But I would chase them, while calling the cops (using a handsfree kit of course, because I am responsible)

      2 months ago
  • I telle now, if I ever catch dem boy stealing de mobility scooter downstairs, den Lard Gad have mercy pun dem backside. Ah would beat dem sa bad dem backside guin be bigger den all de kardashian backsides together. Ah say if dem teeef come in me yard den dem lose dem rights. Ah get medieval pun dem like in de Pulp Fiction. Ah wood stop de beating ta have hot chocolate from de Mrs den ah start de beating again. Yer see dat young man in Singapore ever scratch a car again after dem cane he wit de bamboo stick? Dem got de right attitude...beat dem car teef an put dem crybaby face pun you tube..cane & shame yer hear...CANE &


      2 months ago