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Driver fails to park his Jaguar I-Pace in a hilariously large parking space

Poor Aygo...

6w ago

Parking your car can be complicated in some situations. This morning, for example, I parked my Renault Clio in a very tight spot and my car's side-view mirror was about to touch that of the other car. With the help of parking sensors, everything went smoothly despite the poor rear visibility.

It is hard to understand how some people can have such a hard time at the wheel of cars that are otherwise better equipped. This is the case of the driver of this Jaguar I-Pace who repeatedly hit a Toyota Aygo and a Ford Focus. This is even more surprising in the way that the British SUV can be equipped with a 360° camera that allows you to easily see your surroundings.

Although the visual feedback on the screen is not very practical because the image is very small, it is still very useful. The space on which the vehicle is located is much wider than the one I was in this morning. It is noticeable that the driver of the Jaguar is turning the steering wheel in the wrong direction.

The event, which was either particularly entertaining or distressing to watch, you decide, took place in South London. As the I-Pace is electric, you can also fully appreciate the sound of scraping bodywork resulting from yet another clumsy attempt. It seems that money doesn't necessarily buy skills...

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  • Oh, ffs! Some folks shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel. 😒😑

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