- Insurers should be more precise with the info they require!

Driver Gets Mixed Up With Details Requested By Car Insurance!

2y ago


A driver in the US was left a little bit red faced after making a very simple mistake when her car insurer requested details from her. Alyssa Stringfellow from Arkansas tried to get insurance on her grandmother's car, but got a little bit mixed up by the details the insurer requested!

The insurer required pictures of her car straight on, and one from each side

Instead of sending pictures of her car to the insurance company, the 25-year old teacher sent pictures of herself instead. The insurance company contacted her to point out the mistake, stating that they needed pictures exactly like she took, but of the car instead!

The insurer required a picture from straight on, along with a picture from each side of the car, but Stringfellow didn't quite get the fact that the insurer needed pictures of the car! She said she did wonder why they needed pictures of her, but it never crossed her mind that it would be the car instead!

The woman said it didn't cross her mind that the insurer needed pictures of her car instead!

She shared her embarrassment on social media, which has since been shared 20,000 times!

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  • Is she a teacher? No wonder why America is in a such a bad shape.

    1 year ago
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  • A teacher... smh probably been eating tide pods all her life.

    1 year ago
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