- The driver getting arrested by police after a roadrage incident on track!

Driver Gets Tasered By Police After Road Rage During Race!

2y ago


This figure of eight race was taking place at the Anderson Speedway in Indiana at the weekend. Fans were watching a few laps under safety car, but when the green flag dropped and the stock cars started racing again, the action really started to unfold.

Less than a lap in after the green flag, two of the stock cars collided, forcing both cars off the track and out of the race. The official recap of the race stated that the two cars had been battling each other through the entire race, so tensions were high.

Tensions were so high between the two drivers in fact, that one driver decided to try and crash into the other car, and actually drove his stock car on top of his opponent's, the drivers then erupted into a fist fight, which ended in Police having to enter the track and arrest both drivers, even having to taser one of them! Both drivers resulted in getting banned from the racetrack for life.

Videos from RTV6 The Indy Channel

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