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Driver Talk: Ferrari

5w ago


Do they have a choice?

Ferrari is not having the best of seasons. Certainly not the season we expected, especially after their pre-season testing times. For once at Ferrari, drivers are not the problem, sorry Alonso. 

Driver One: Leclerc

Leclerc has been performing amazingly despite missing out on 2 wins after standout performances in both Bahrain and Austria. I think he has settled in rather well at the Scuderia and I think he has a long way to go with Ferrari. 

However, he needs to stop the silly mistakes - like qualifying in Baku and most recently his race-ending crash in Germany. But you have to remember it's his first year in the Ferrari family and ONLY his 2nd in F1. Be patient, Charles. 

Driver One: Vettel

Now there's been rumors that Vettel would be moving onto other things and would be done with F1. I think those rumors came about because of his okayish form and that whole Canada thing. But I think it is now certain that he is to remain in Ferrari until 2021 - the end of his contract. Though who would replace him, even if he was to leave this year? 

Would the Iceman come back, could Magnussen get the upgrade to first class, or would they throw up Mick Schumacher just for the sake of it? I doubt that. 

But I imagine it is safe to say after a few bad races it seems Seb is getting his act back together and I think it's also safe to say 2019 is not Ferrari's year. Can they just give Seb a car that'll get him another world championship? Perhaps they’ll have a better chance in 2020. 

But that's my view on Ferrari's 2020 line-up, what is yours? 

Let me know.