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5w ago


My View on the upcoming 2020 F1 Season

I think Mercedes needs to keep their lineup. Simple.

Bottas has been performing better than last year. He's improved in qualifying to be right up there with Hamilton and great in *some* races too. Hamilton is going to stay at the team, there's no doubt about that. Unless he pulls a Riccardo and sends the driver market into a huge Flux. Now that I would love to see.

The rumoured Ocon has also been waiting in the wings, Eagle-eyed - waiting for Bottas to mess up - wanting his chance back in F1. But is he the right driver? I mean I 100% believe he deserves an F1 drive, But he's been out of F1 for a year and has done nothing during that time. Not even another series like Super Formula or GT racing with the Merc team. It means that he's been off if that makes sense. He's lost a bit of that sixth sense that most drivers have, that edge that puts them ahead of the game. I'm not saying he won't get it back. But it may cost the team time if he can't compete with the likes of Hamilton at the team. Plus if Bottas can't complete with Hamilton, could Ocon?

Another reason why I support Bottas is that he and Hamilton also get on well together, and the harmony in the team has helped to get all but 2 wins for the Mercedes team this year. I also don't think Mercedes would want to ruin this harmony, for example with a Max Verstappen - if he becomes available - or a fiery Esteban Ocon. We certainly don't want Toto breaking his wrist (Again).

So that's why I think the silver arrows are going to keep their line up the way it is at least until 2021, where everything will hopefully change. Maybe we might see Hamilton racing for the likes of Ferrari-I can dream okay!

Stay Tuned for my views on Ferrari's Lineup!

- AL

- Edited by John Coleman

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