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Driverless Cars Are NOT As Safe As You Think

5d ago


On the contrary, the so-called "Autopilot" is not a self-driving feature, it is just that for the uneducated and indolent who can't even keep one eye off their phone while driving. After Tesla was sued over a faulty and fatal "Autopilot" crash, an update was alerted to drivers to "keep hands on the wheel," which means that autonomous driving has become a failure. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, most trends have died off very quickly, and it is likely that autonomous cars will follow the same path.

Despite what you might have been told by the media, the "autonomous" trend will not continue. What we are not saying is that driverless cars will not exist. However, while a few manufacturers are working on making the driverless cars "become a reality," millions of these cars will make horrendous errors that everyone will worry that the 'driverless' vehicles may not be autocorrected to stop and watch for others on the road.

If you really care about culture, diversity, and equality, a driverless car is not right for you. For example, the "machine vision" will have a much harder time detecting a darker-skinned person than it will detecting a lighter-skinned person. We apologize for revealing the spoiler, but algorithm is the only part of the 'driverless' cars that discovers the truth.

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, as The Next Web's Tristan Greene speaks the truth, "nobody cares whether you want to own a driverless car or not." The 'driverless' trend will die off as very soonly as we see it. The Guardian has revealed the massive failure of the self-driving technology that resulted in death of a bicyclist.

(Warning: This Video Is Of Very Graphic Nature.)

As you see in the video above, the careless driver who is beyond lazy and crazy enough to use the 'self-driving' mode to focus on his cell phone while refusing to hit hard on the brakes, the driver gasps before murdering the bicyclist. This is one of the reasons why self-driving cars are a regressive and violent automotive trend.

Other than actually driving, teenage and young-adult drivers will do fine just taking an Uber, Lyft, or a paratransit. We all know that owning and driving a car blows their money out of the bank. It could be very dangerous to drive if one has a mental disability or a highly distracted mind. However, self-driving cars are even worse.

If autonomous cars really were replacing other cars, they would show up in the dealers within the first week of spy shots. Everything we were told about the future is a lie. Stop believing what the news has told you.

Non-car enthusiasts are not as dumb as we make them think they are. If you are a car enthusiast, stop trying to trick them. They will prove you wrong. They are smarter than we think.

One might ask, "Oh, but why would the news lie to me?"

Lie to whom about what? The so-called 'future' cars?

Not one single non-car enthusiast still believes in the bogus "54.5mpg" requirement. Not one single non-car enthusiast still believes in bogus flying cars. Not one single person still believes hybrids and electrics saved the environment. Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it absolutely is.

What do we see when a used five-year-old car in excellent condition is advertised for $500? We call that a scam. Just like we do with the rubbish 'autonomous/autopilot' car trend.