driverless cars arrive on uk streets

milton keynes is first test area

4y ago

I don’t know what’s happened to drivers over the past week, but the whole business of motoring seems to have suddenly become a lot more hazardous - I’ve witnessed 3 completely unnecessary accidents and was nearly the victim of a 4th and 5th, all caused by people driving themselves into situations they could otherwise have avoided by either A) using their indicators, B) Not pulling into the path of a faster moving car they knew had right of way, or C) The government not giving driving licences to those who breath through their mouths. 

I don’t know why there’s been this sudden spike in the number of bumps up ahead of me - Perhaps it’s just the time of year. Change of seasons. Christmas? Or perhaps there’s a large canabis farm on fire closeby and the cloud of smoke’s drifted over the M1 corridor. 
Whatever the case, there’s never been a better argument for cars that have no drivers - "Driverless Cars" if you will.

Just in the nick of time, a company called Transport Systems Catapult has come to the rescue with a funny looking pod called a Lutz Pathfinder, basically an adapted Renault Twizzy, and a large donation from Tresemé of Number 10 Downing Street. 

On Monday, this transport development firm began testing its self driving electric cars in its home town, Milton Keynes. The hope is that next year we'll be able to walk up to one of these two seater pods and take a predefined route instead of having to walk.

What’s rather odd is that they’re being tested on the town’s pedestrianised areas and payments - Milton Keynes, a town carefully designed so that cars and roads are kept away from pedestrians - As I mused earlier, anything that takes the idiot driver’s control away from the car has to be a good thing, but I’d argue putting the car on the pavement I don’t consider to be such a hot concept - Fewer of will use our feet to get around, so we’ll all be fatter and less fit and less able to get out of the way of self driving cars when inevitably they self drive themselves at us and anything else that’s not grey and pavement shaped. 

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