DRIVETRIBE: A Guide For The New People

or How To Use DRIVETRIBE So Your Not Confused.

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By Ardnek Poisoning 10-22-2017

First of all Welcome to DRIVETRIBE. It’s nice to have you here with us. I know many of you are confused about DRIVETRIBE and have lots of questions. I would like teach you about DRIVETRIBE and how it basically works.

This guide is designed for new people using desktop and laptop computers. I will be creating a guide for the app users once I acquaint myself with the app.


It is a forum for motoring enthusiasts to share their love of motoring, whether its cars, motorcycles, racing, or learning

How does DRIVETRIBE work?

In DRIVETRIBE, members share pictures, videos, stories and create articles, about anything motoring. They post them in a tribe for others to see, read, comment on and bump. What ever is posted in a tribe usually corresponds with the theme or purpose of the tribe. For example if you want to post something about a classic car, post it in a tribe about classic cars. If you want to post a picture of a car you saw on the road today, post it in one of the many “spotting” tribes

DRIVETRIBE has a large number of tribes for you to explore and join. You can leave comments and bump posts in these tribes. A bump is basically like the thumbs up “like” button in FaceBook. Here in DRIVETRIBE we use a heart. Bumping is a way you can show you like or love a post.

Keep in mind you will only be able to create a post in a tribe if you are a member of that tribe, however you can still leave comments on other people’s post telling them what you think of the content being shared.

How Do I Join A Tribe?

Joining a tribe is very easy. You just click on the join button at the top of the tribe’s page, which will change from Join to Joined. Once you see the joined, you are joined. You will notice that you have been joined automatically to some tribes, these are tribes created by DRIVETRIBE staff or are official DRIVETRIBE tribes.

How do I view tribes?

If you click on Tribes on the upper left corner of the page, it will take you to our, tribes page where you can check out all the different tribes. If you see a tribe you want to check out click on it and it will take you to the tribe’s page.

If you click on the magnifying glass on the upper right corner of the page, you can search for tribes based on your interests. I encourage you to explore tribes and join them if it sparks your interest or you like their stuff.

How do I create a tribe?

Click on your name in the upper right corner. A page will come up, on that page you will see "Create a Tribe" click on that and a box pops up. In that box is where you put all your information for your tribe. You can only create a tribe on a desktop or laptop computer at this time.

Here are four tribes worth checking out:

Here are James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond’s tribe

How do I create posts?

The first thing you will notice about DRIVETRIBE are different types of posts that are displayed in tribes, some are quotes, some are photos/images, some are videos and some are articles.

The simplest way to create a post, is to hit the red button with the + sign at the bottom right corner, when you are in a tribe's page. It brings up a window where you can create a simple post with some text and an image if you choose to use one.

You will find tools for creating other kinds of posts under Studio at the top of the page. When you click on studio you will be taken to the "studio", which a page where you can see your stats, and create awesome posts. To create a post in the studio is easy, on the left near the top is a red button that says “New Post” on it. When you click on it a menu pops up. This is the menu where you can choose the kind of post you want to post. You will have four options with a brief explanation of what kind of post it is.

Remember: Save your work often by hitting the save button. This will save your post as a draft. If anything should go wrong you can bring the post back up to continue working on it and you will not lose any of your previous content.

Once you have created your post you will want to post it. To do this you will want to click on “Select Tribe” at the upper left and select the tribe you want to post it to. Once you have selected the tribe, click on the publish button to post it to the selected tribe.

Please keep in mind that there are, children that do come into DRIVETRIBE to visit so keep the posts reasonably clean.

What is the bell symbol next to my name?

The bell is your alerts. Basically it lets you know when someone bumps your post or, leaves a comment, or when someone invites you to a tribe or ongoing live event. You will see a red circle with numbers on the upper right side of the bell this tells you that you have alerts and the number lets you know how many alerts you have. Click on the bell to view your alerts.

What is Chats?

Simple its DRIVETRIBEs latest feature and new brand of chat rooms. If you click on chat in the upper left corner of the screen it will take you to the chat rooms. Try it out, it’s a great place to meet other members, talk about cars, share photos and meet tribe leaders. If you have questions about anything the chat is a great place to ask them. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you any way we can.

I do hope this article has helped you in understanding DRVETRIBE. I look forward to seeing your posts and meeting you in chats.

Feel free to check out the other posts in this tribe and in my SAAB LOVERS tribe.

If you are using the app to view this please have a look at the guide for app users here:

Join In

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  • Thank you, thank you for writing this! Very helpful indeed! I do have a question. I do not see the studio option on my phone screen. Do I need to be on a regular computer to see that? Also I do not see the "create a tribe button". Where is that located in my page? Many thanks again:)

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    • i forgot to include how to create a tribe which I will go back and do. I believe you can only create a tribe on a desktop/laptop computer, but am not totally sure. I am looking into that now.

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