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Drivetribe: A Memoir

A collection of thoughts and experiences from members of the community

1w ago

So. It's almost over. DriveTribe has been an amazing contribution to the lives of many people including me who are proud to call it a community. We've built friendships, shared stories and talked our boredom away. To say that it's a shame that this site is going is more than an understatement. There's so much to say and so much to be told about our journey on this amazing place, so I thought what better to do than call upon the community to share their experiences alongside me. Here it is.

Jack Loweth (me)

It was mid 2020. I was bored out of my mind and had no idea what to do with myself until I managed to discover DriveTribe. Having always wanted to be able to possibly talk to the trio (still hasn't happened yet but hopefully will do sometime) I thought that joining the site would be a good idea. One thing led to another and I found myself having downloaded the app and on a group chat within it. Being completely honest I've always had issues socially - I never properly fitted into a social group and found myself lonely and friendless. But that all changed when I joined DT. I was able to interact with people like me and build friendships with them while talking about the one thing that we all had in common - a love, passion and adoration for cars. Being able to converse with the community on DriveTribe boosted my self-esteem and made me feel more confident to interact with others and be myself - for that I will always be grateful. I started posting and enjoyed sharing things with others, from things such as entertaining screenshots of entertaining ads to memes, spots and a variety of other things. My first spot (which was arguably one of my best) was of the Excellent and it proved very popular, amassing a large amount of likes which made me feel happy that I was able to share something with people to enjoy. I then moved onto writing my first article (for a competition for a new tribe) which was very fun and allowed me to explore my ranting style whilst insulting celebrities' cars (sadly that tribe owner deleted it and the other content on the tribe to repurpose it and I have no way to access the article). From there, my profile progressed and for the first time ever I actually became popular and gained a reasonable following with my posts doing relatively well. I hit 100 followers, 10k bumps and 150k impressions relatively recently and as of writing I have made 158 posts which have helped me amass 145 followers, 10.6k bumps and 170.8k impressions - I am so pleased about it.

My favourite moment on this site was making the content about going to Salon Privé and seeing peoples reaction to it. I got to see my favourite car (one of my life goals ticked off), wrote an article on it and it made its way onto the homepage with a current 21.7 impressions, 179 likes and a multitude of awards! The popularity it gained really empowered me and like many other things, I am incredibly grateful for those who took the time to read it. Additionally, I managed to see a car of one of the all time greats - Colin McRae - posted it and then it went and got SOTW! I was so pleased: receiving the messages for the boosts and seeing how the picture of that car had brought joy to people was almost as amazing as seeing the car itself. I would try to name all of the people who I really appreciate on here, but that list would last a mile and I'd worry that I'd have missed someone out, so I hope that it is known that I hold a very large amount of platonic love for each of you.

To sum up DriveTribe for me, it is an amazing place where I can interact with people who I truly call friends, share my love and joy for cars and enjoy that of others, others who have been so kind, helpful and caring towards me. I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Just Aaron 🇨🇮🇬🇧

I love the feeling of support from people on DriveTribe and the joy that comes from seeing them actually like things that I did from time to time. I also love how the people I met became people involved in my personal life every day and I value them a lot.

Ferdi .

DriveTribe really was my place to spend my free time and my less free time. Since June 2019, it dragged me through school, endless lockdowns and mental breakdowns. The website, app and the people on it mean a lot to me, damn DriveTribe was the first place I came out, you guys were the first ones to know! It is so easy to talk to people in the comment sections, that’s something I’m going to miss a lot - let’s just hope we can all find a good alternative. DT is like a small village, I have friends here, you say hi to everyone, everyone is nice and open. You could have a big argument in the comment section and go have a cup of coffee 5 minutes later, for the sake of comparison.

I started this journey in 2019, and it’s been an endless Autobahn drive. Firstly, I started with doing quizzes and reading articles, then I became more active in the comments and eventually, I started posting. This has helped my English and writing skills improve by lightyears. I even got homepage promotions! I remember the Group Chat update at the beginning of the summer in 2020 and that was just one of the best updates ever. I can’t begin to think about the amount of time I spent chatting with people, and now the end is near, I realise I don’t want to lose any of you. I’m not going to list people because I fear that it’ll become too long and I might not immediately think of everyone. I'm really gonna miss this place, hopefully see you on Discord, Insta and Opposite Lock!


I joined DT in late 2019, realising it was a platform designed by the trio, whom I was obsessed with at the time. I looked on the site for a while, and eventually made an account. My first post was a picture of a Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR I had received for the Christmas of that year, and I continued with a series of low quality polls (being on mobile I wasn't aware of Studio at the time) and I gradually became less active, to the point of my account being nigh on defunct with a minimal following (I doubt it was more than 20). At the start of the second UK lockdown in the beginning of 2021 (technically the third lockdown but the real second one was pathetic), I remembered the platform's existence. I signed back into the account on my laptop and checked things out. Again, I started out with low quality polls and eventually discovered Studio, where I made proceeded to curate par quizzes and articles. That's my origin story I guess.

There have been a few ups and downs, with quite a few successful posts. My more notable ones are my "could you cope with managing [whatever brand I knew a sufficient amount on]" and my article on the Opposed Piston Engine (which most likely gained traction because it was packed full of cool GIFs). There are others, such as my fake car brand which was amusing to go along with, various quizzes and repetitive articles whinging about EVs. At the time of writing I have amassed a grand total of 1.2 million impressions, 164 followers and 26.8k bumps. I have also made a few friends I intend to keep in touch with, such as Ethan Degge, James ., Jack Loweth, Lukas Shepherd, Madj Minj and a bunch of other people who I can't be arsed to name mainly because I forget everything. I also met some absolute fools, such as Kaaron and Mincent, but for every cloud, there's a silver lining and in my case there were many. The staff have been superb, constructively critiquing and promoting my work and being amusing in general. I'm sad to see the platform go because of all of this and more, and I hope its legacy will continue in other ways.

Smokey Tires

So I joined DriveTribe back in November 2019 and was kinda active but never really posted. Around April 2020 I started posting a ton and that's when I really became known. I died off for a while after that and just recently got active again. It's been a fun ride for sure! My favourite moment on here... Well... It's hard to find a favourite moment but I think definitely the day that I got added to the main Group Chat, that was the day that I felt like I became a big member of the community - of course getting to meet tons of friends on here was the definitive best moment! DriveTribe means a hell of a lot to me! Back in the day when I was on here 24/7 it was a huge huge part of my life, my parents even recognised it as such. To this day, DriveTribe is really important to me as it is a place where I have met loads of amazing people who have taught me so much - it's one of the things that got me most into cars and taught me so much about them! I truly am gonna miss DriveTribe and it will forever be in my heart. Goodbye DriveTribe.

I'm not crying, you're crying...

Ethan Degge

What DriveTribe means to me:

DriveTribe was a place I can be myself without fear of being called weird or annoying, DriveTribe was a place I can share my feelings, my ideas and my life. DriveTribe was a place where I built relationships with people from all over the world with different backgrounds and opinions. I could write and have my voice heard; I could spread knowledge and my love of cars like the almighty Previa. DriveTribe wasn't a social media platform or a news site, DriveTribe was a community, a family and was the perfect place for us enthusiasts. There probably will never be a place as enjoyable as DriveTribe, yes we had arguments and yes we had issues but overall we got through it, we kicked out the people who where bullies, and we made up with the people we misunderstood. There is so much talent here, people with bright futures, people with big hearts, people with great personalities. DriveTribe we love you and even if this is the end we will never forget you.

Vincent Höhlich

I was just walking upstairs when suddenly I arrived in my room, where I simply had to reflect my one-and-a-third-year long time on DriveTribe; because Jack invited me to. Right, so now let me think about what DriveTribe meant to me: well, it meant that I was being tired more often because being on DriveTribe is MUCH cooler than sleeping. The reasons for that are the people on it, there are a lot of amazing ones on here and some of them have become great friends over the time to whom I told stuff I never thought I’d tell to anyone.

When I joined DriveTribe in 2020, I was immediately being welcomed by lots of nice people — most importantly I remember Eddie Brooks, Sam Barker, Zakk Grier and Jimmy Jam as some of the first people I had contact with. Over the time, I met lots of really nice people, but great friends I hope I’ll never lose aren’t the only thing DriveTribe’s given me. It also pushed me back into my love affair for cars and pushed me into it much deeper than I’ve ever been in it, even probably deeper than an Alfa Romeo owner can be in trouble. This has given me the confidence to get a job at a BMW dealership, and without that I wouldn’t be able to drive nice cars several times a week while getting money for it, or to afford Levi the BMW, two things that both give me great joy.

I’m now supposed to think of my favourite moment on DriveTribe, but before I can think of that I have to admit that I’d be a horrible actor, always naming the things I’m supposed to do rather than just doing them. With that thought out of my head, well it’s actually still inside there but at least out of my mouth, or my hands actually, I have to say that I can’t really think of a favourite moment. There were too many of them, especially the group chat always was a lot of fun but so was interacting with a lot of people outside of that. So luckily, while this site will now be closed, unlike the content the people on it won’t be deleted. We will still be able to interact in other ways, but it was DriveTribe that brought us together, and I can’t thank the page enough for that. Servus, goodbye and arrivederci DriveTribe, I’ll miss you.

Lukas Shepherd

Honestly, DriveTribe has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me during this whole COVID thingy. I managed to not only make new friends, but I also picked up a fair share of new skills, including but not limited to my renderings. My journey on DriveTribe started like a year and a half ago and since then, I’ve learnt more things here than in virtual school. No, like, seriously. Moving on, my favourite memory on DriveTribe was seeing all the supportive comments on my first render. It wasn’t a lot tbf, I could literally count them on one hand but it gave me the motivation to make more. And make more I did, until Ferdi started calling me a good renderer for some reason beyond my understanding, but anyways. DriveTribe meant more than just a website to me, it was a community, a family, a people. It truly is sad to see it go but, hey, as long as the people stay together, I’m at terms with it. And as they say in meme culture, Adios.

*jumps into wormhole*.

Joe Boater

I first discovered DriveTribe around Christmas 2019 through reading articles on Apple News. I recall spending hours doing quizzes and voting on polls in the first few days. In February 2020, I created my account, and posted my first poll, asking users to rank all the Toyota Prius generations (yes, I was a cruel person). Over the next few months I built up a following by creating lots of quizzes and polls, with the occasional article. That summer, I decided to try something that I'd never done before - rendering! It took DriveTribe by storm, and just a few months later there were dozens of DriveTribe car brands popping up. I also discovered a passion I had for writing. I started grinding out articles, joined the DriveTribe Creator's Programme, and got many promoted to the homepage. In the spring of 2021, I started what would become my most popular series yet: Worst Spots Of The Week. This continued for several months until I ultimately got bored of it and passed the series on to another user. By December I was posting almost nothing, just generally lurking and responding to comments. Then, just a month before my 2 year anniversary on this platform, I heard the awful news.

DriveTribe brought a lot of new experiences into my life, and though it wasn't always smooth sailing, I loved every second of it. My favourite memories of the platform were all the John Coleman jokes and memes, especially that time when he somehow awarded himself the "That's pants" award. My exhaustingly long polls were quite a bit of fun (but a pain in the arse to make), and the World Wagon War against Lukas Shepherd was quite a fun time as well.

This is getting kind of long, but in short, DriveTribe meant a lot to me. For me, it was more than just a social media platform. DriveTribe for me was a place to meet new people, create content, and overall have a great time. Thank you to everyone on here, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

James .

I joined DriveTribe just over two years ago, although everyone thinks its much less. It’s hard for me to explain what DriveTribe meant to me and what I’ve learnt from it; however, I feel I must try to put it into words. When I joined DriveTribe I didn’t know that much about cars and as someone who didn’t really use social media, it was a big step. I started by just enjoying other people’s content and interacting in the comments. I gradually realised that this wasn’t one of those toxic forums that I had heard horror stories about and I then gradually started to get to know people. Eventually, I got added to the main Group Chat, which was quite frankly probably the best thing that happened to me that year. Through the group chat, and by interacting with people in other ways, I have met so many friends. I hope that even after DriveTribe stops being a part of my life, they will continue to be. I have also learnt many important lessons through DriveTribe: most importantly, how to get on with people when your views are completely different. There are of course many people that I disagree with on many issues, however I hope that whilst discussing all these important issues (facing both the automotive industry and the world in general) I have caused the least offence possible - I have even made friends doing it!

About a year ago there was a poll asking how I viewed the other people on DriveTribe, at the time I said a community. Now, I think of everyone I have spent a considerable amount of time with as friends. I am, like I expect all of you are, very upset at the end of what has been one of the best forms of social media I have ever experienced. However, I think we should also be grateful that we have had the chance to experience DriveTribe and meet so many great people. I want to end this by saying a huge thank you to everyone who is and has been behind DriveTribe for making it run, even if it wasn’t always smoothly. I also want to say good luck in the future to anyone who is losing their job through DriveTribe’s closure.

Finally, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has interacted with me, for teaching me so much, stretching my knowledge, giving me confidence and most importantly helping make the past two years I’ve been on DriveTribe some of the best years of my life.

Micah _

Man it’s been short. I’ve been on here a year but it feels like a long long time. In that time, I’ve gained just over 200 followers, just over 25k bumps and almost 500k impressions. It’s been great. I met so many amazing people and many friends that I hope to keep - we would talk about anything at all. DriveTribe has just been absolutely amazing and has been pert of some of the best times of my life.

You couldn't ask me to pick my favourite moment on DriveTribe: it’s way too hard. There are so many good Group Chat moments and many other things. I love when we just talk about what’s going on in life and what’s wrong - we can all help each other out sometimes and I love those moments, but I couldn’t name one (partly because I have a terrible memory).

To sum up what DriveTribe means to me, it would be community: that's the main thing about this platform - DT makes it super easy just to have a conversation and talk. The GC's are the best as I've mentioned earlier - talking to people on this site drove me through quarantine like nothing else. I could vent, joke, be stupid, be happy and no-one would criticise it. DriveTribe was amazing during basically the worst time of my life. What does DriveTribe mean to me? The people on it, plus the connections I made through it and I can't thank anyone enough. Thank you DriveTribe for getting me through some tough times (even though they weren't that tough).

To Conclude

I just want to say thank you to every single person on this site: thank you to those who worked so hard to run this site as brilliant as they did; thank you to everyone who viewed and interacted with mine and other's content; thank you to everyone who has helped make DriveTribe such an amazing community. Every single one of you are wonderful people and have made a wonderful platform which every single one of us have enjoyed being on.

DriveTribe is a brilliant place that we all adore being on and where we all have made great memories from. The friends that we have made along the way and the community that has been forged is irreplaceable and it's incredibly sad that we have to say goodbye (many tears have been shed in the writing of this article). I understand that the closure of DT must have been a tough decision to make and probably would be an even harder one to be reversed, however I will still plea that if there is any possible way to keep this site open, please can the possibility be considered. I speak for everyone here that it would be an awful shame for DriveTribe to shut down and it would be deeply saddening to be unable to properly communicate with the wonderful people on this platform. Personally, my life will never be the same without DriveTribe and I implore whoever is reading this article who may have the power to make a difference, please do so. Ultimately, I understand it is basically impossible to keep this site running and I hold no anger to the decision to shut it down, instead, I wish everyone on this site a prosperous future in whatever comes next.

Goodbye and farewell DriveTribe, I hope to see you again. You will all be missed.

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  • This is a brilliant piece, Jack. Stoked that you found such a great community at DT. Here's to the next chapter :)

      7 days ago
  • This is a beautiful piece of writing. You should save this as a PDF to keep.

      7 days ago
  • What a very touching memoir, Jack. 😊 I'm sure the sentiments you expressed are shared by the DT community. Although we will see DT friends on other platforms, nothing could recapture the rare magic we all experienced in the DT world.

      7 days ago
  • Excellent piece of collective writing there, it’s a great shame it’s all coming to a close. I think this made me realise a lot of us are fairly quiet people who perhaps struggle to connect with people, but DriveTribe provided a platform where we could just talk about stuff we’re passionate about. I think that’s why it’s been such a fantastic site/app

      6 days ago
  • Gah, it truly is a shame I deleted my GC screenshots, the world deserved to know at least a snippet of what was going on in there

      7 days ago