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And the nominations in the bonus category are...

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This past decade has seen some extraordinary automotive moments that go beyond the confines of road cars. This is a category dedicated to their excellence. And the nominations in the bonus category are...

Bloodhound LSR

Formerly known as Bloodhound SSC, this land speed record car has been over 12 years in the making. It wasn’t all that long ago that the project was set to be scrapped due to financial troubles - but thankfully, the Bloodhound team were gifted with the money they needed to pursue their goal of achieving 1000mph. I’m sure I’m not the only one around here who’s followed the teams efforts so far in testing - with Andy Green’s 628mph run on the Hakskeenpan being the fastest of them all. Up until now, all testing has been done using the EJ200 jet engine from a EuroFighter Typhoon - one of the two propulsion systems that will be at work for the record run. At the moment, the car is back in the UK being fitted with that aforementioned other propulsion system - a hybrid rocket engine that will hopefully see it become the first land vehicle to achieve 1000mph. The record attempt will happen early next year - but with the majority of development taking place in this decade, that qualifies it for this list.

Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid

The W05 was the car that initiated Mercedes’ period of hybrid omnipotence in Formula 1 and helped Lewis Hamilton’s number of titles go from 1 to 6. Debuting in 2014, it won 16 of the 19 races that year - a feat which its successor repeated the year after. Then, in 2016, the W07 won a staggering 19 out of the 21 races. It really has proven itself to be an astonishing force in the history of Formula 1. And if that wasn’t enough, a development of the 1.6L Turbocharged V6 will be making it to a road car in 2021, in the Mercedes AMG One hypercar.

Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo

What happens when you take an LMP1 car, and remove from it all of the regulatory limiters that enable it to compete in racing? You end up with a car capable of trading blows with F1 cars around a circuit. With a 2L Turbocharged V4 engine producing 710bhp, the hybrid motors boost power to the dizzying heights of 1160 horsepower! Put it on the Nurburgring, and a record that stood for 30 years fell by nearly a minute, lapping the green hell in a mind-blowing 5:19.546! If you haven’t yet watched the lap, I recommend that you do.

Volkswagen ID.R

The ID.R is the closest anything with wheels has ever gotten to the 919 around the Nurburgring, managing to set a lap time of 6:05.336. With 671 horsepower of fully electric power, the ID.R is capable of shooting from 0-125mph in 5 seconds flat. It also broke the Goodwood Hillclimb record previously held by a Formula 1 car - and it broke the Pikes Peak record! The combination of cornering, acceleration, and braking forces are enough to give someone the neck of a giraffe. And while its electric nature intrinsically brings a sense of disconnect with its driver, you could argue that the sense of speed is also disconnected with every other element of reality.

And that folks is the last contender in the last category of car of the decade. Cast your vote below for your favourite...erm...something of the decade - the winner of which will go through to the final vote with the winners of the other 9 categories. Voting closes at 7pm GMT on Monday the 9th of December.

Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (14)

  • Each of them have a different yet similar purpose. They all take some of the smartest people in the world to produce. They all are extraordinarily ludicrous and epic!

      1 year ago
  • The Porsche was a nice step forward in automotive engineering, but the ID.R was a huge leap. It demonstrated once and for all that EVs have a promising future for car and racing enthusiasts. If we're looking at 2010 to 2019, it was the one car that clearly showed us what's coming in the next decade.

      1 year ago
  • That Porsche is unbelievable.

      1 year ago
  • Winning the Le Mans 24 hour is the ultimate achievement, so it’s Porsche without question. Especially since we are all in Le Mans fever mode with the current favourite Motörhead movie on everyone’s mind.

      1 year ago
  • Didn't even think for a second. Bloodhound. When we look at the world today in 50 years, the Bloodhound will be a bright spot.

      1 year ago