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And the nominations in the restomod category are...

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For people like myself whose passion for cars is fuelled by purity and soul, there can be no more appealing car than a restomod. For they aim to preserve all what makes classic cars so desirable, while sprinkling them with some of the gifts of the modern age. And the nominations in the restomod category are...

Alfaholics GTA-R 290

If you’ve ever wondered why people bang on about how wonderful old Alfa Romeo’s were, this is the car to help you understand. With the 2.3 litre, 240 horsepower engine only having to carry 1830lbs (830kg) around, the GTA-R 290 (a name given in reference to its power-to-weight ratio) flaunts a sense of alertness that could teach many modern sports cars a thing or two.

Canepa 959SC

A rather more powerful restomod is this reworked Porsche 959, which - amongst other things - benefits from having the 2.85L Twin-Turbo Flat-6 boosted from 444bhp to 763! So, if you’ve ever wondered what a 1980’s Porsche feels like with more power than a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, now’s your opportunity!

Eagle Spyder GT

We’re all familiar with Eagle and their marvellous restomods - but perhaps their most beautiful creation is the Spyder GT. If you were to imagine an E-Type that’d been to the gym, the image in your mind probably wouldn’t be too far removed from this. And with a noise shooting out the back perfectly befitting the aesthetics, no wonder so many people love these things!

Equus Bass 770

The Equus Bass does not share a face with any established muscle car, yet that doesn’t stop it from radiating familiarity in its every detail. Technically speaking, it isn’t a true restomod - more of an amalgamation of a variety of Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro details. The engine is a 6.2L supercharged V8 developing 640bhp. Connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox, it glides around corners while omitting thunderous music.

Lancia Delta Intergrale Futurista

For rallying enthusiasts, this one in particular will result in much drool and trouser discomfort. With the engine tweaked to produce 330bhp - 120bhp more than standard - and with over 1000 uprated components over the original, the Futurista is the wormhole that connects rallying past with automotive present.

Mechatronik W111

For those after a more luxurious restomod, the Mechatronik W111 is up your street. It’s hard to believe it, but beneath the elegance body, and the delicious interior beats an AMG V8 heart with 415 horsepower. Linked to a 7-speed automatic gearbox, it’s the perfect car to waft around in, and occasionally defeat bumper-hugging BMW drivers.

Singer 911 DLS

No list regarding restomods is complete without a Singer - so why not include the greatest of them all, and also the car that won DriveTribe Community Car of the Year 2018? With a 4 litre naturally aspirated air-cooled Flat-6 developed by Williams, the DLS develops 500 horsepower at an ear-shredding 9,000rpm. Beyond the power however, it exercises an attention to detail that is unmatched across the automotive landscape. It is, quite simply, the ultimate classic 911.

And that, my fellow petrol-heads, is all for the restomods category. Cast your vote below for your favourite restomod of the decade - the winner of which will go through to the final vote with the winners of the other 9 categories. Voting closes at 7pm GMT on Monday the 9th of December.

Written by: Angelo Uccello

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