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DriveTribe community car of the year 2018 winner - the Singer 911 DLS

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, your car of the year...

2y ago

After two weeks of voting, through 19 categories and 1 final vote, the DriveTribe community car of the year 2018 has been decided! In the end, it was a very closely fought race between two car - but ultimately, one has reigned supreme. So, without further ado, I can officially announce that the winner of DriveTribe community car of the year 2018 is: the Singer 911 DLS!

From the beginning of this competition, I felt the Singer would be one of the frontrunners for the overall title. With a 4L normally aspirated air-cooled Flat-6 developed by Williams, this is a classic 911 that produces 500 horsepower, and a noise from the Gods right up to its 9,000rpm redline.

Scattered with the most glorious details throughout, the Singer has to be one of the most desirable cars ever made. And the DriveTribe community has officially voted it their favourite car from 2018. I’ll drink to that!

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

Twitter: @AngeloUccello

Facebook: Speed Machines - DriveTribe

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Comments (14)

  • Saw it irl and heard it going hard and got to say, it looks and sounds absolutely wonderful! 😻

      2 years ago
  • Well deserved award if ever there was one..!! I love Italian metal but have to say that in my dream garage there would always exist a Singer Porsche. These cars are truly amazing, I’ve been lucky enough to get up and personal with these beautiful cars and chatted to one of the visiting engineers at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and can say their passion and attention to detail is breathtaking..

    Eye watering expensive but worth every penny...!!

      2 years ago
  • Deserving winner. I made a Car of the Year list, with the A110 as mine.

      2 years ago
  • Absolutely stunning

      2 years ago
  • I just love this thing. It is a beauty

      2 years ago