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1y ago

Hello everyone! Just a quick one from me. Below you will find all the links you need to access each and every category in DriveTribe community car of the decade. So far, the response has been absolutely incredible, and I thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to vote in this poll. Voting closes Monday the 9th of December at 7pm GMT when the winners from each category will be put together into a single vote in order to find our car of the decade. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who’s voted, and if you are yet to do so, be sure to have your say in each of the categories from the following links.

Supercar category

Super saloons & wagons category

Hypercar category

Hot hatchback category

Megacar category

Sports car category

Luxury & GT category

Muscle car category

Restomod category

Bonus category

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Comments (15)

  • Bugatti Chiron. Production car 300mph. Do I need to say anything?

      1 year ago
    • While I do agree with that being very important, I think a car of a decade should be about even more than speed. I hate the looks of the Chiron for example. I like the hybrid supercars, especially because they give car people and...

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        1 year ago
    • The modifications made it not road legal and it was not a standard so it wasn’t a production car with the different things they had done to it

        1 year ago
  • We need that Lexus to win!

      1 year ago
  • Bugatti Chiron!

      1 year ago
  • Still it’s slow as )/!@ bro

      1 year ago
  • LaFerrari. What else would you need?

      1 year ago