D​riveTribe Community Gran Turismo One Make Race Full Details!

T​he race will take place at 8pm GMT (UK time) on Sunday 10th November at Spa Francorchamps and we will be using the Mazda Roadster Touring Car.

Stijn has made some liveries for us to use with different colours and numbers, an example of one of these is shown in the following pictures.

I​f you would like to take part could you please either comment or message me with your number and colour preferences as well as your name and PSN ID so that we can organise the liveries and make sure you all get into the lobby on Sunday. Please check the google doc linked here first to make sure the number and colour you are asking for is still available.

O​nce you have signed up Stijn will put together your version of the livery which you can then download in the game - his PSN ID is Doggo_McWoofbork. I​f you would like you can also add me on PSN, my PSN ID is PurplePetrol13.

O​ne thing I forgot to ask in the previous article is about the race length and tyre wear/fuel usage so I will include some more polls for you to complete if you are signing up. Bearing in mind Spa takes nearly 3 minutes to lap in this car.

T​hanks for signing up and completing the polls, hopefully see you on track on Sunday and I look forward to hosting more events like this in the future.

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Comments (19)
  • I'd like a grid spot please.

    Red livery and 81 for number.

    Gamertag: Wheaties91

    This race will be in the afternoon for me: GMT -6

    6 days ago
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  • I’m in. I’ll take a green number 5 livery if you’ve got one like it. PSN is WHEREISEMAN.

    6 days ago
    1 Bump