DriveTribe debate: W​hich Evo is the best Evo?

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I​f you grew up in the Playstation generation and found yourself thumbing your gaming pad to the Need For Speed franchise, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will have been a prominent shape from your childhood.

T​he Evo VIII was in NFS:U2, but once you explore the world of the Lancer, you quickly realise that there are plenty of fantastic cars to have worn an Evo badge. And if you're up to date on Mitsubishi news, you'll know that an Evo Concept has been flying around in the form of an electric SUV. So with the next generation on the horizon, which one is the best?

T​he e-Evolution concept could be the successor to the Evo X

A​s I've had limited exposure to the entire range, I can only tap into my own experiences. So for me, the coolest of them all has been the Evo III.

I​ helped prepare a hillclimb-spec Evo III which was a seriously capable piece of kit, taking home plenty silverware back in Scotland, smiting nippy Caterhams and purpose-built single-seaters.

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H​ere it is in action

The III looks simple, it has a perfect amount of usable punch (270bhp and 228lb ft ft of torque) and even found its way into the Initial D cartoon.

T​he all-wheel-drive nature of these cars have made them true performance legends, utilising highly-tuned four-cylinder engines to make them true supercar killers. And although the classic battle is between the Evo and the Subaru Impreza, there's plenty of internal competition to get your teeth into.

Y​es, there has been the Tommi Makinen edition of the Evo VI, the hedgehog-roofed Evo VIII and of course the simple, sleek original Evo I.

I​'m putting it to you guys then – whether you've had plenty of Lancer Evo experience or not – what do you think is the greatest Evo? Is it the TME? Is it the most recent Evo X?

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